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the practice of calisthenic exercises


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light exercises designed to promote general fitness

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In total, we identified five types of aerobic interventions that improve walking ability: treadmill training, robot-assisted treadmill, cycling, calisthenics, and progressive repetitive endurance/strengthening activities (Figure 2).
He proposed a curriculum that included instruction in gymnastics, calisthenics, swimming, and fencing.
There are more aches and muscles that never hurt before, squawks against calisthenics. There are dull hours.
And probably because of some recent college reading, I would think of Fitzgerald's description of the dances at The Breakers in Palm Beach, upon whose veranda "two hundred women stepped right, stepped left, wheeled, and slid in that then celebrated calisthenic known as the double-shuffle, while in half- time to the music two thousand bracelets clicked up and down on two hundred women."
Sophomore Robert Thelen earned the title of Iron Cadet following a competition earlier this month that involved repetitions of military calisthenic exercises, running laps, sprinting and negotiating an obstacle course.
To prepare for the "aerobic, almost calisthenic," work in Hubbard Street's repertory (like Ohad Naharin's Minus 16, which requires a lot of running), Dincolo takes ballet class and does yoga.
Delibes' Lakme, in a retro-conservative co-production with Opera Australia, also packed them in, with local songbird Aline Kutan performing the requisite calisthenic miracles.
To the almost calisthenic nature of his mendacity, Oates added so exceptional a disregard for hygiene that his more affectionate friends called him "Old Snotty Nose." Initially Dryden had no reason to assume what he and everyone else afterwards learned: namely, that each word spoken by Oates was a lie, including "and" and "the." Moreover, one could reject 50 or 99 percent of Oates's testimony, and still believe--on the "no smoke without fire" principle--that some Catholic plot, such as Oates raved about, might have been hatched to assassinate the King.
women, however, often included a greater percentage of calisthenic exercises (hence, the frequent, gendered use of the term to denote entire feminized gymnastics programs) and occasionally incorporated balletic guidelines for the placement and usage of hands and feet.
In claiming that the New Critics had made "the elucidation of poetic ambiguity or irony a kind of intellectual calisthenic ritual," Trilling argued they had forgotten that "the literary work is ineluctably a historical fact, and, what is more important, that its historicity is a fact in our aesthetic experience" (1950b, 183-84).
The idea that laughter is a calisthenic for body and soul has become so pervasive that we tend to overlook the fact that laughter evolved because of its effect on others, not to improve our mood or health."
Clinton now is the Coddler-in-Chief, and the only way to distinguish his policy from Bush's was to listen to the ritual calisthenic groaning Clinton emitted before doing the wrong thing.
The discrete itemization--of bells; calisthenic exercises; giants; distinguished horses; types of parties; military honors of the United States, Britain and France; designations of Satan; and soccer competitions-seems curious at best and silly at worst.
A range of classes to choose from Aquatic exercise classes fall under several categories, including water walking, various ways of striding through waist-deep water; deep-water training, a combination of running and stretching exercises; water aerobics, which incorporates dance and calisthenic movements; water toning, similar to bodybuilding; and sport-specific conditioning, which focuses on ranges of movement for certain sports.
Field tests of muscular strength and endurance usually involve performane of calisthenic movements, such as sit-ups and pull-ups.