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Peruvian shrub or small tree having large glossy leaves and cymes of fragrant yellow to green or red flowers

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Ciertamente, este objetivo se lo logro en mas de una ocasion, como en el caso de la quina en Java, donde la agricultura colonial holandesa obtuvo, a fines del siglo xx, una nueva especie a partir de la Cinchona calisaya: la C.
This tinkering with old-timey and mostly defunct recipes, like Boker's, and Abbott's, and cocktails made of such previously unknown ingredients as calisaya tree bark, have led many cocktail folk to get incredibly creative with ingredients and flavor profiles.
Tamara Pachano Calisaya, La Paz Women's Centre: On your hand you have small, medium and large sized fingers.
(seI) CE acequia (a canal for irrigation), fiance SA sacred, dispensation SAI saint, sailor SE Seder (Passover service), Luiseno (a Shoshone Indian people) shimose (a high explosive), seance SI sind (to rinse), Sinaic SSAY essay(ette) SSEH medresseh (a Muslim college) SZAI szaibelyite (a hydrous borate of magnesium) CEE fiancee SAE saeter (a meadow associated with a dwelling) SAY saying, calisaya (a valuable Peruvian bark), soothsay SEI seigniorial, seine (a fishing net), abseil, nisei \sayyid SEY Seychelles, causey (a dam) SSA decussate, glissade, cessation SSE masse (a billiards term), chausse (shod) SSEI nissei (an American born of Japanese parents) ZE piazze (var.
"We achieved these results by increasing productivity and capacity and by increasing our investments, particularly by modernizing our processing factory," says Juan Manuel Calisaya Mediana, AISJ's general manager.
Thirty, years later, his Indian guide, Manuel Incra Mamami, found a Bolivian species, Cinchona calisaya from the Aymara cali, meaning best, and saya, meaning bark--which contained a quinine content of 13 percent, more than three times the average.
Below the main level was Socavon Calisaya or Nivel [= Level] -20 (16-meter level) with a pique below for a few meters.
The Fever Trail is an illuminating, profusely detailed, and confusingly organized yarn about the arduous European quest to end the South American quinine monopoly by transplanting cinchona and red calisaya trees, whose bark had an even higher concentration of quinine, to plantations in Europe, India, and Indonesia.
La Paz: "Province of South Yungas, Basin of Rio Bopi, San Bartolome (near Calisaya)", 750.900 m, B.