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measure the diameter of something with calipers

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Needy people will be provided with Jaipur foot/ hand (artificial limb), calipers, wheelchairs, crutches during the camp.
One of the innovative tools they've designed is a group measuring attachment that slips on the blades of a dial or digital vernier caliper.
Framework agreement for the call orders of new or repaired calipers or calipers in standard exchange for the buses of VVM-Line, for a period of 3 years, 1 time extended by one year.
It's almost as if it is about checking the box on repurposing an existing disc and caliper design, while adding an upgraded anti-lock sensor or two.
Dimension quality inspection of rotationally symmetric rubber seals is typically manually inspected with the use of technical tools such as dimension calipers and ring gauges.
OPERATION--PBR's Columbia casting plant manufactures a range of aluminum caliper castings.
The Touran is the first model to be built on the next-generation Golf platform and the caliper contract may extend to other models in the new range as a result.
RCBS was one of the first to offer dial calipers with their name on them and now they've added to that line with electronic LCD calipers and micrometers.
The calipers can be turned on, turned off, added, or removed to improve tension control, handle different rolls on the same roll stand, allow for maintenance, or provide emergency stopping capability.
Hayes Brake has extended its line of park brake calipers with the development of the M50 brake caliper for hydraulic driven vehicles and equipment with gross vehicle weights to 3400 lb.
With obesity on the rise, the numbers might be even higher today Most calipers can measure skin folds up to about 2.
Mitutoyo has increased the line of its environment-resistant measuring tools with Absolute coolant-proof calipers.
Future coaches might evaluate potential young athletes with tape measures and calipers to see how they measure up, like buyers of racehorses.
Using 3 quick skinfold measurements obtained with the inexpensive plastic Ross calipers and a chart of values, physicians can accurately calculate minimum wrestling weight for interscholastic wrestlers.
Commenting on the report, an analyst said: "It has been observed that the adoption of digital calipers is increasing across several industries.