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Synonyms for caliginous

deficient in brightness

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dark and misty and gloomy

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In 1971, when there were 3.6 billion people on the planet, the American demographer Paul Ehrlich argued in his book "The Population Bomb" that as a result of overpopulation "hundreds of millions of people will starve to death," leaving Asia and Africa in particular as "wastelands." Thankfully, this scenario remained a mere nightmare in Ehrlich's caliginous brain and never came to pass.
As the Sixties ended and the Seventies began, Nixon was "dreaming up policies at five in the morning," says Wheen, including his plan to bomb the living daylights out of Cambodia: "They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn, and caliginous thoughts often swirled through [Nixon's] murky, insomniac mind as he lay awake fretting about his waning leadership quotient and brooding on his colleagues' disloyalty."
The reality is far removed from this caliginous position because most patented inventions are readily self-revealing and, for those technologies whose obscurity falls just short of that required for effective trade secret protection, considerable information nevertheless accompanies the patent grant.
This word, too, is usually (under)translated as "dark." However, in contrast to xuan it connotes light that is dark-cast, like the gloaming of twilight or caliginous depths, in normal usage it has a more specific gravity than xuan.
(71) It is a facade, a surface, a caliginous veil that obscures the elusive life beneath.