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Synonyms for californium

a radioactive transuranic element

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A) It was made by combining one atom of calcium with an atom of californium.
It must have been tough living in the shadow of a site where mutually assured destruction was being crafted from uranium, plutonium, dilythium crystals (she cannae take it captain) and Californium (a laid back element, partial to the odd doobie and telling its fellow elements: ``You're so unstable man, just chill out'').
Autumn colour Wildflower meadow Grow your own Relax your borders Bulging beds spill on to pathways with phlox, oriental poppies, Californium poppies and perennial cornflowers
Using a particle accelerator machine, the researchers smashed together calcium (Ca) and californium (Cf) at extremely high speeds.
Element 118--first reported in 1999 hut then retracted in 2001-reappeared when nuclear chemists pure reeled californium with 10 million trillion calcium ions (170: 260).