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a radioactive transuranic element

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californium, though the cp23S sequences we did find formed a monophyletic group sister to the B-clade of Symbiodinium, consistent with the placement of S.
A) It was made by combining one atom of calcium with an atom of californium.
Biokinetics of neptunium, plutonium, americium and californium in phytoplankton.
It must have been tough living in the shadow of a site where mutually assured destruction was being crafted from uranium, plutonium, dilythium crystals (she cannae take it captain) and Californium (a laid back element, partial to the odd doobie and telling its fellow elements: ``You're so unstable man, just chill out'').
After the war, Seaborg and his colleagues continued their research on the transuranium elements, discovering such elements as berkelium, californium, einsteinium, fermium, mendelevium, and nobelium.
The ravening energies of the fusion bomb explosion in the Pacific (see above) had driven nuclei together and formed atoms even more complex than californium (element number 98), which was at the time the most complex known (see 1949).
This would eliminate the need for a radio-active source such as Californium.