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Another dive into the frock brought to view some four or five yards of calico print, whose tasteful pattern was rather disfigured by the yellow stains of the tobacco with which it had been brought in contact.
The buff calico was faded, but scrupulously clean, and starched within an inch of its life.
Cobb solemnly, as he remounted his perch; and as the stage rumbled down the village street between the green maples, those who looked from their windows saw a little brown elf in buff calico sitting primly on the back seat holding a great bouquet tightly in one hand and a pink parasol in the other.
Aunt Em had her calico dress skirt "tucked up," and she wore a faded, blue-checked apron.
Joan, who had gone into the bungalow, tossed down a strip of white calico, in which old Telepasse was promptly wrapped, and he stood forth, resplendent and purified, withal he still spat and strangled from the soap-suds with which Noa Noah had gargled his throat.
At the end of half an hour he was offering "Two ten fathoms calico and ten ten sticks tobacco" to the boy who first heard "pickaninny dog sing out.
The board of directors of Calico believes that the proposed transaction will unlock the considerable value in our Grassy Mountain project for the benefit of our shareholders," Paul Parisotto, Calicos president and CEO, said in a statement.
Deckhand Teddy Spear, who's been crewing for Dexter for five years, says he likes to keep calicos from about 14 to 18 inches long.
And since only one in 3,000 calicos is male, we think their choice is purr-fect
Potential risks and uncertainties are described in detail in public reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission such as Calicos Registration Statement on Form S-1 and on Form S-4 in connection with the ConnectInc.
Only 11 calicos measuring a legal length of 12 inches or more qualified for weigh-in - compared to last year's 82 bass.
Many anglers prefer hunting calicos with plastic swim baits on 12-pound line, a 9-foot light-action rod and a light baitcaster reel.
We did manage to boat several beefy calicos in the 4-pound range.
These anglers, many of them veterans of the Los Angeles Rod & Reel Club, longed to target the island's legendary calicos - ``The bass are probably bigger, on average, at San Nick than most places,'' said Seahawk skipper Merit McCrea - on lightweight gear and wouldn't take no for an answer when it became apparent that the vast stringers of kelp weren't yielding the fruits of the sea.
Live squid or fresh dead squid is the bait of preference for calicos and many other game fish.