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At the end of half an hour he was offering "Two ten fathoms calico and ten ten sticks tobacco" to the boy who first heard "pickaninny dog sing out.
That was why Fanfoa ordered his slave, Mauki, to be carried down and signed on for half a case of tobacco advance, along with knives, axes, calico, and beads, which he would pay for with his toil on the plantations.
Other blacks there were on board, from unheard-of far places, and when the white man spoke to them, they tore the long feather from Mauki's hair, cut that same hair short, and wrapped about his waist a lava-lava of bright yellow calico.
The furniture is nothing very much either, my basket-maker made it for me; he wanted to show his gratitude; and La Fosseuse made the curtains herself out of a few yards of calico.
Only the number 32 and the name of Brett Street were written in marking ink on a piece of calico slightly larger than an ordinary cigarette paper.
Tiggin and Welps were in the printed calico and waistcoat piece line, gentlemen, so my uncle knew all the materials at once.
Only, if this is a private room specially ordered for the occasion, I should think the public room must be a VERY comfortable one;" with this, my uncle sat himself down in a high-backed chair, and took such an accurate measure of the gentleman, with his eyes, that Tiggin and Welps could have supplied him with printed calico for a suit, and not an inch too much or too little, from that estimate alone.
Howiver, if Tom's to go to a new school, I should like him to go where I can wash him and mend him; else he might as well have calico as linen, for they'd be one as yallow as th' other before they'd been washed half-a-dozen times.
The Shogun, out of Los Angeles Harbor Sportfishing, caught limits of 10 calico bass per angler on Sunday and Monday.
Both Calico and Famotik bring significant experience in solving complex manufacturing problems to this partnership.
A demo of Calico Market Maker with Aceva's integrated financial product and settlement automation will be available December 5-8, 2000 in the Calico meeting suite at the Ground Zero 4 conference in Los Angeles.
There are plastics that mimic every kind of bait a wily calico would every want to eat - anchovies, sardines, mackerel, squid and a wide variety of brown bait.
Calico anticipates announcing its final financial results for the fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2001 when the results of the investigation are presented to its auditors, clearance is received on pending SEC comments to prior period fiscal 2000 and 2001 filings, the annual audit is completed and the Company files its Annual Report on Form 10-K.
Intelligent Hosting' Option for Calico Market Maker(TM) Customers
Calico bass may be hot off Santa Cruz Island and Point Dume.