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Synonyms for caliche

crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru

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This press release contains certain 'forward-looking statements' within the meaning of Canadian securities legislation, relating to, among other things, the proposed development and financing of a Cerro Caliche heap leach pilot operation, and the Company's plan to seek out, and possibly to enter into agreements with potential China-based EPC and project development and structuring agreements, and the possibility that the Company will be obligated to pay success fees in connection with any such agreements.
El aumento de los despachos puede explicarse por el mejor aprovechamiento del caliche, por el aumento de la demanda y, fundamentalmente, por la creciente disponibilidad de medios de transporte.
I saw the face and heard more hollering as the trucks rumbled out of the caliche parking lot and onto the main road into town.
She dunnit ta us, but one a' the geese goosed her and she ain't been back." From the shop, I saw her arrive, and snickered at her struggling on her skinny-heeled shoes in the busted caliche of our "driveway." I let Helena handle the welcome.
No doubt the weather, especially drought, takes its toll on the many dirt and caliche (rock) roads in the Panhandle.
Unstinted nimbus, sacred moon, pour us a tune of cottonwoods, caliche,
The Serralles product lineup includes Don Q, BlackBeard Spiced Rum, Caliche and Palo Viejo, among others.
WCS said its grounds are ringed by asphalt and caliche roadways, protecting it from fires, and that the site has a sprinkler system and its own fire truck, adding that its workers are "well trained and experienced in handling this type of waste."
These depressions generally consist of silty clay and caliche material.