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of or relating to or resembling a calyx

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Comparison of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Inferior Caliceal Calculus Between Children and Adults: A Retrospective Analysis-Why Do Results Vary?
As most patients with ADPKD have anatomical renal distortion and caliceal elongation, only one access tract cannot reach different portions of the collecting system in the PCNL procedure.
Left kidney of small dimensions (22/37/46 mm), showing numerous atrophy areas, accompanied on the contour by the corresponding dilatation of the caliceal groups.
The inclusion criteria were pelvic or caliceal stones that were larger than 2.5 cm in diameter, while patients with gross kidney anomalies like horseshoe kidney or ectopic kidney, and those with uncontrolled coagulopathies were excluded from the study.
Efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for isolated lower caliceal stones in children compared with stones in other renal locations.
Prospective long-term followup of patients with asymptomatic lower pole caliceal stones.
Caliceal diverticula are incidental findings of little or no significance.
Effect of potassium citrate therapy on stone recurrence and residual fragments after shockwave lithotripsy in lower caliceal calcium oxalate urolithiasis: a randomized controlled trial.
"Those two terms often are used interchangeably in the literature, he said, explaining that pyelectasis is dilation of the renal pelvis, while hydronephrosis also is characterized by caliceal dilation.
A total of 69 patients with small lower fragments 4 mm or less in the caliceal region participated in the study.
Efficacy of flexible ureterorenoscopy with holmium laser in the management of stone-bearing caliceal diverticula.
Methods: We retrospectively searched all radiographic records for patients treated at our institution between January 2009 and January 201 6 using the terms "forniceal rupture," "fornix rupture," "calyx rupture," or "caliceal rupture," and identified 111 patients.
IVP reveals mostly distortion of calices or caliceal ectasia as a result of renal mass involving the collecting system.
These include smooth or irregular ureteric filling defects seen in 35% of cases, filling defects within dilated calices secondary to partial or complete obstruction in 26%, or caliceal amputation in 19% of cases.