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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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[ClickPress, Fri Aug 23 2019] Chapter 01 -- Executive Summary The report begins with an executive summary of the calibrators market, which contains a summary of the key research findings, demand-side trends, and supply-side trends.
Prevalence of benchtop and portable instrument calibrators in developing and developed regions are expected to propel the growth of instrument calibrator market.
Of the new tool, Prime Technologies' Product Manager Mike McClain said, "We've had hosted applications in the cloud for almost a decade now and have worked with documenting calibrators like the Fluke 754 for even longer.
First, we characterized the 3 assays through an analysis of their calibrators and antibodies.
Check that there is good contact between the profile and the calibrators - this helps calibration and improves heat transfer.
The Gentian and Diazyme reagents and calibrators were used in conjunction with 4 and 5 different instrument platforms, respectively.
The Thermo Scientific High-Level Model 81iH and Low-Level Model 81iL Mercury Calibrators fully integrate with the Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System, enhancing the capabilities currently provided in the standard Thermo Scientific Model 81i calibrator.
16 May 2012 a[euro]" US electronic measurement systems supplier Mesa Laboratories Inc (NASDAQ:MLAB) announced that it had acquired the flow calibrator business of New Jersey-based gas flow products manufacturer Bios International Corporation.
SETRA SYSTEMS INTRODUCED THE NEWLY UPDATED Micro-Cal Model 869 and Expert System, Ultra-Low Pressure and Documenting Calibrators. The updated Model 869 calibrators' additional features include a new Li-Ion battery pack, reduced weight (2 lbs.
Fluke-Hart Scientific, manufacturer of temperature calibration products and services, has introduced the 4180 Series Precision Infrared Calibrators. The two new models, 4180 and 4181, use the same size targets used and recommended by thermometer manufacturers, and features special design technology that assists non-experts in productively performing high-quality infrared thermometer calibrations.
Pocket temperature calibrators were designed to simplify the maintenance and commissioning of today's reliable and accurate thermocouple and RTD probes and transmitters in the harshest environments.
Ametek Test & Calibration-Americas offers the Jofra ATC series (Advanced Temperature Calibrators).
Customized PRT (Pt) sensors are available for use with MC5, MC5-IS and MC5P calibrators. When a PRT sensor is calibrated, it often has error compared to the nominal values.
Attributions for good and poor calibrators were compared to identify possible distinctions between these groups.
Usually, several calibrators are used in series, separated by relatively short air zones (7, 8), where the temperature tends to equalize, to minimize the internal thermal induced stresses and increase the heat transfer efficiency in the next calibrator.