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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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During the organisation's first few years, the role of the NPL crystallised into four main functions: assistance to industry on immediate problems by experimentation and advice; long-range research to open new areas to industry; testing and calibration of instruments; and maintenance of fundamental standards of length, mass, temperature and so on.
Three tenders for the supply & erection of (a) flow measuring instruments on the outlets of potable water treatment plants at the different branches, (b) calibration of instruments, equipment & glass consumables at the company's laboratories, also (c) conducting the required civil works at Al Benwan siphon.
Other services to be provided include dissolution profiling, training on Good Practices (GXPs), calibration of instruments, IT support for manufacturing, documentation, LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and MIS, certified references for quality control of APIs, analytical method development, validation continuing updates and education of technical staff.
These calibrations should include component characterization and end-to-end system characterization of the spectral response of the sensor under operational scenarios to build a robust model of sensor performance and should follow the procedures outlined in "Best Practice Guidelines for Pre-launch Characterization and Calibration of Instruments for Passive Optical Remote Sensing" (NISTIR 7637).
Standards for the Calibration of Instruments for Dimensional Nanometrology in Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods, Wiley-VCH, ISBN 0-8194-5983-6, Weinheim
A There are several exceptions to the Clinical and Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) rule that the calibration of instruments must be verified every six months.
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