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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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Rohde & Schwarz presents new vector network analyzer calibration equipment: the R&S ZN-Z32 and R&S ZN-Z33 inline calibration units.
For industries operating outside a quality standard that defines the calibration period, ultimately the judgement must be made on a risk assessment basis.
On-site maintenance and calibration services are provided by e2b calibration for many Tronair products while other services are provided in e2b's accredited calibration and repair laboratory.
Users are subsequently furnished with a calibration and verification certificate.
Technology could also be used to enhance the productivity of calibration laboratory operations and remove the need for post-processing of data.
When performing a pH calibration it's recommended to calibrate to at least two points.
However, the level of expertise required is not as demanding as the traditional calibration method because the difference in the energy signature will narrow down the selection of relevant simulation parameters.
Indirect Verification of Leeb Hardness - field calibration
Serum remaining after the clinical analysis was divided into aliquots and analyzed with a calibration solution containing only deuterated NT (d3-NT) at differing concentrations, as outlined in Fig.
Our automation and instrumentation personnel knew all about the thousands of time-consuming calibration procedures done each year.
The new version supports compliance with calibration and quality standards including the ANSI/NCSL Z540.
During surveys, I have seen items that require calibration and have stickers or labels that are damaged, incorrectly installed, or just plain missing.
Calibration accuracy of the styli is one component of inaccuracy.
Quality managers and others responsible for maintaining the integrity of temperature and/or humidity chart recorders or data loggers can download a comprehensive guide to all aspects of instrument calibration at a new website provided by Dickson of Addison, Illinois, USA.
This paper compares three methods of item calibration--concurrent calibration, separate calibration with linking, and fixed item parameter calibration--that are frequently used for linking item parameters to a base scale.