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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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AI provides in-house and on-site calibrations nationally to the manufacturing and maritime industries.
Automating calibration procedures, as 10% to 15% of calibration procedures are expected to be automated in the coming years to reduce equipment downtime and improve service quality; and
where [s.sub.x] and [s.sub.y] are scaling factors in millimeters per pixel, which can be directly obtained by using the distance measurement tool provided by the ultrasound machine; [([sup.Ph][T.sub.W]).sub.i] and [([sup.P][T.sub.P]).sub.i] are 4 x 4 transformation matrix relating the world coordinate system to the phantom coordinate system and the probe coordinate system to the world coordinate system, respectively, and are given by the optical tracking system; and [sup.P][T.sub.I] is a transformation matrix relating the image coordinate system to probe coordinate system, which is an unknown calibration matrix governed by 6 independent parameters (3 rotations and 3 translations).
Medical equipment calibration is the process of measuring and adjusting equipment against a reference standard with known values and measurements.
The downside of wet calibrations is that the instruments typically have to be removed from the process and connected to a calibration rig or a master meter.
As a system like this would store historical calibration data, the current performance could be compared with previous performance at similar conditions to check for shifts or drift between calibrations.
It was the first UKAS laboratory to be accredited, back in 1970, for the issue of Calibration Certificates for thermal measurements and also the first to be accredited for the issue of certificates that met the requirements of ISO 17025 (calibration of equipment).
Calibration of an energy model is a process of changing one or more input parameters so that the result of the energy model falls within an acceptable error when compared to the metered energy data.
Labcell is now offering a comprehensive calibration service for the Decagon Devices AquaLab family of water activity analysers.
After the initial expenditure involved in purchasing an instrument, one expensive feature of clinical MS as it is usually practiced in the US is the generation of a calibration curve for calculating results each time the assay is run, in contrast to the biannual calibration required by CLIA (10).
The M200 portable calibration unit enables immediate calibration of a Swagelok welding system M200 power supply.
Calibration is set at the photo-camera and the lens optical decentring correction.
This enabled TSL to create a calibration facility and metrology centre staffed and equipped to service the needs of the North's leading companies.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 30, 2012-MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software 8.0 now available from Fluke(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS