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Synonyms for calibrate



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Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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Ultimately, calibrating your infrared temperature measuring equipment at a UKAS accredited laboratory means this aspect of your production control system will be right first time, every time.
The officer was found to have "breached the standards of professional behaviour expected of him." The police spokeswoman said: "He had failed in his duty by not calibrating equipment as required, he had been dishonest with regards to claims he had calibrated the equipment and overall his actions had brought discredit on Cleveland Police and the police service as a whole."
Calibration Issue 2: Calibrating one of several nominally identical cone meters and applying that calibration to all the meters.
* a process for calibrating an energy model to actual utility data; and,
The related video, "Calibrating the Falling Weight Deflectometer," demonstrates the new procedure, explains the preparations needed to perform a successful calibration, and describes how calibration improves the quality of back-calculated data and the impact on overlay design.
National standards for calibrating large natural gas flows are well established in the Netherlands, Germany, and France, and European manufacturers rely on these standards for a competitive advantage.
When they're finished calibrating, TMDE will stick a red band with CW/CCW on the wrench showing that it has been calibrated in both directions.
Calibrating the image should flatten the reported intensity field and make it comparable to other calibrated images.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The physiological lag between glucose levels in the blood and in interstitial fluid can wreak havoc in continuous glucose monitoring if the lag isn't considered when calibrating the monitors, according to Dr.
IMPROVED crop yield and benefits to the environment are just some of the money-saving pluses to come from a survey on calibrating spreaders.
If the functional parameters are constant, having a reference role, calibrating can correlate them.
They hope to eventually market it to other forestry--and even mining--clients by calibrating the probe to measure other properties and elements.
JOFRA ASM Series advanced signal multi-scanner from AMETEK T&CI-Americas is the ideal solution for calibrating multiple temperature sensors at the same time.
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