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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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To meet industry demands for precise measurement of RIN, a NIST scientist has developed a transfer standard for calibrating RIN measurement systems that employ electrical spectrum analyzers to resolve the spectral density of the RIN.
The patents contain both device and method claims relating to optical measurement systems that include a calibrating ellipsometer.
To download "Artifact Calibration and Its Use in Calibrating 8.
The police spokeswoman said: "He had failed in his duty by not calibrating equipment as required, he had been dishonest with regards to claims he had calibrated the equipment and overall his actions had brought discredit on Cleveland Police and the police service as a whole.
The Jofra CSC201 compact signal calibrator is said to offer users an easy-to-use, handheld device for calibrating thermocouples and RTDs (resistance temperature detectors).
Calibration Issue 1: Calibrating a cone meter with water flow at low Reynolds numbers and extrapolating the result to higher Reynolds numbers.
As more and more energy analysts are attempting to simulate the performance of existing buildings, a need exists for a widely applicable method for gathering data and calibrating "commodity energy models" for small to medium sized buildings where sub-metered energy use data is not available.
When they're finished calibrating, TMDE will stick a red band with CW/CCW on the wrench showing that it has been calibrated in both directions.
Calibrating the image should flatten the reported intensity field and make it comparable to other calibrated images.
They hope to eventually market it to other forestry--and even mining--clients by calibrating the probe to measure other properties and elements.
The NIST force laboratory maintains its own strain gauge excitation and voltage-ratio measuring instruments for use in calibrating load cells that are not accompanied by customer supplied indicating instruments.
After selecting the Ford Explorer as the typical SUV, the team created an aluminum version with the same crash pulse as its steel counterpart by calibrating it against the Explorer's actual NCAP (National Crash Assessment Program) results.
Other projects are more service oriented, such as calibrating corn planters for Bayer's Aztec 2.
Whitehouse Scientific Ltd has devised and implemented a new method for calibrating grain sieves from 1.
Three 7-kilowatt xenon spotlights on Rogers Dry Lake will be aimed skyward to assist in calibrating the cameras aboard Landsat-7.