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marked with or divided into degrees


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'These same scales are calibrated every six months by a third-party calibration center duly accredited by the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology,' he added.
Calibrated Plywood is one of the best plywood that is useful for creating modular kitchens, which is because of its high thickness tolerance (+-0.10 mm) which is the major determinant of any good-quality Calibrated Plywood.
Netflix Calibrated Mode will be available exclusively on the Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series AF9 OLEDs and ZF9 LCDs.
Delgra said there are about 21,000 taxis in Metro Manila that have to be calibrated to reflect the new fare structure.
With a view to encouraging the banks in that direction, it has been decided to conduct a pilot project wherein 10 per cent of the ATMs in the country will be calibrated to dispense Rs 100 banknotes exclusively.
We are frequently asked the question what is the manufacturer's recommendation on how often an infrared thermometer should be calibrated. For industries operating outside a quality standard that defines the calibration period, ultimately the judgement must be made on a risk assessment basis.
But I did participate in many of the test flights that "proved the device." I agree with much of what the reader suggests and I have my own King Air's AoA calibrated much as he recommends.
The officer was found to have "breached the standards of professional behaviour expected of him." The police spokeswoman said: "He had failed in his duty by not calibrating equipment as required, he had been dishonest with regards to claims he had calibrated the equipment and overall his actions had brought discredit on Cleveland Police and the police service as a whole."
Columbus, OH, April 03, 2014 --( Weber Associates today announced the worldwide release of QA Calibrate (, an automated software tool for call centers that keeps Quality Assurance Evaluators better calibrated by up to 50%.
We have therefore developed a calibrated hood for use in cap-assisted colonoscopy (design right and patent pending in Japan, but not commercial product).
MANILA -- A military spokesman said Saturday no directive had been given to the Armed Forces of the Philippines for a ceasefire in Zamboanga and government troops were continuing with the "calibrated offensive" ordered by President Benigno Aquino against a faction of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) loyal to founding chairman Nur Misuari.
The launching chambers of the WFMS SCS Horizontal Prover are tipped to allow the sphere to easily launch into the pre-run and calibrated section without the use of a ramp.