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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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"That's still on the table, we just have to review the amount," De Leon said, adding that "we'll have to calibrate the amount given that we have to see the whole fiscal status, the status of our fiscal program, (including) spending and revenues." The national treasurer said the government is still eyeing to conduct the fund raising activity by the third quarter.
Calibrate Energy Engineering is based at West Ditchburn Farm, Eglingham, Northumberland.
QA Calibrate allows users to become immediately more calibrated instead of waiting for a Calibration Meeting with:
The Bangalore lab is now accredited to calibrate instruments with the following parameters: AC/DC, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and oscilloscope amplitude, bandwidth, Time Marker, RF Power, attenuation, and VSWR.
Vinquiry has a specialist come in once a year to clean, adjust and calibrate its microscopes.
Patients who use continuous glucose monitors need to be instructed to calibrate the devices when their glucose levels are in a steady state rather than during a period of changing glucose levels, Dr.
CLIPS generates a theoretical spectrum (a graph that shows the isotope distribution of a given element) and uses it to calibrate the information from the MS.
The problem is to calibrate the FMS peripheral components relative situations, according to the robot that serves these components.
We'll get the sample location and carbon value to determine the regression equations and basically calibrate the instrument."
Dual master systems use two masters to calibrate maximum and minimum.
Up to three units can be stacked together to calibrate 24 sensors at the same time.
The goal is to collect sufficient and accurate flow information for the San Francisco Combined Sewer System to calibrate the city's hydraulic model.
These plug, play and calibrate systems for sensors and signal conditioning are compliant to the 1EEE 1451.4 standard for connectivity.
Met/Temp II supports a wide variety of Hart thermometer readouts and can calibrate "practically every type of temperature sensor"--including thermocouples, RTDs, SPRTs, thermistors, and liquid-in-glass thermometers--with a capacity of 100 sensors at a time, according to Hart.
Results suggest that it is safer to calibrate the nonanchor items to a N(0,1) scale and then rescale to the scale of the anchor items rather than to fix the parameters for the anchor items and simultaneously calibrate the nonanchor items.