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Synonyms for calibre

Synonyms for calibre

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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The growing demand for sets of calendar dates suitable for use as calibrants calls for high-quality records such as annually laminated lake and deep-sea sediments and ice-cores; their selection is strictly a job for specialists.
Platform Reagents Abbott Architect c16000 Abbott Ceruloplasmin REF 6K9101 Lot 70185 BN ProSpec Siemens reagents (N antiserum to human ceruloplasmin) BN ProSpec Dade Behring anti-ceruloplasmin reagent lot: 155289, Dade Behring standard SL lot:083678 Beckman Immage Beckman calibrant 2 lot:704575, Beckman anticeruloplasmin reagent lot:706567 Hitachi 917 Tina-quant C4-2, Id.
Briefly, on a log forward scatter/log side scatter dot plot, we defined the upper size limit of the microparticles using 1-[micro]m calibrant beads and drewa gate around the population.
Obviously, the NTP carcinogenicity data must be maintained as the primary calibrant for this study, but the data derived here for TMTU suggests that the carcinogenic profile of a chemical is not absolute (4-7,45) and that, in fact, tissue changes seen for some chemicals classified as noncarcinogenic may be predicative of an as yet unrealized, or perhaps ultimately unrealizable, carcinogenic activity.
Background fluorescence of the stop buffer droplet was recorded as a low calibrant value.
n]-HSA products and the calibrant, bovine serum albumin (BSA) [molecular weight ([MW.
The quantification of the proteins depends primarily on the comparison of the measurement results with those obtained with a calibrant (1).
The latter study investigated whether the use of the PT/INR Line from a small set of 5 ECAA calibrant plasmas certified with manually determined INRs could reliably replace local ISI calibration.
The quality of the curve fits was assessed by back-calculating calibrant concentrations (see online Supplemental Data 6).
CRP concentrations are routinely measured by nephelometric and turbidimetric immunoassays, in which quantification depends on comparison of the results with those obtained with a calibrant (4, 5).
The mass of somatropin monomer was determined by size-exclusion chromatography using CRS1 or the second WHO material as a calibrant.
Furthermore, because the commercially available assays currently use synthetic or recombinant calibrant peptides that are not glycosylated, the glycosylation of proBNP forms in vivo may adversely influence the performance of these assays.
Although these methods allow simultaneous measurement of both 25OHD3 and 25OHD2, method harmonization is limited, and there is no reference preparation or agreed calibrant for 25OHD.
Because of the orthogonal design, a single external mass calibrant was used to achieve better than 5 ppm mass accuracy over an entire sample plate (up to 384 samples).