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Synonyms for calibre

Synonyms for calibre

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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Magnetic susceptibilities were measured using a Gouy balance at room temperature using Hg[Co(NCS)4] as calibrant. The molar conductance data were recorded on the ELICOCM-82T conductivity bridge in DMF solution at concentration ~10-3 M and EPR spectra recorded on Bruker Biospin.
Therefore, variant validation, or a calibrant [11] is required before trusting sequence variations reported by the sequencer.
Magnetic moments [19] were determined by the Gouy method with mercury tetrathiocyanatocobaltate (II), [HgCo[(NCS).sub.4]] as calibrant (Xg = 1644 x [10.sup.-6] cgs units at 20[degrees]C), by Citizen Balance (at room temperature).
En meme temps, les Nations unies doivent tenir compte, en calibrant l'etendue de leur implication, des droits de l'homme et des problematiques de securite qui sont en jeu[beaucoup plus grand que], dit-il.
Furthermore, gold (Au) is often used as an internal pressure calibrant for high pressure studies, because of its stable nature over wide temperature and pressure ranges.
Magnetic measurements were carried out by the Goug's method using Hg[Co(SCN)4] as a calibrant. Molar conductance of the Schiff base transition metal complexes was determined in DMSO at room temperature by using Wescan-212 conductometer.
A reference material is a homogeneous material characterized for use as a calibrant, for assessment of an analytical method, or for assigning values to other materials.
Indium, tin, and biphenyl were used for temperature calibration on a TA Instruments Q-1000, while indium was also used as an enthalpy calibrant. Calibration was performed at a heating rate of 10[degrees]C/min.
Magnetic measurements were carried out using Sherwood balance at room temperature (25[degrees]C) and Hg[Co[(SCN).sub.4]] as calibrant.
One of the most advanced single-use cartridges contains miniaturized electrochemical measurement sensors and an onboard calibrant. They are part of a self-contained, portable device that can customize testing for site-specific analyte reference ranges.
Leucine enkephalin was added through postcolumn infusion to serve as an internal mass calibrant, to confirm analyte identification using accurate mass estimation (Benotti et al.
Magnetic moments at 25[degrees]C were determined using a Johnson Matthey magnetic susceptibility balance and Hg[CO[(SCN).sub.4]] as calibrant. IR-spectra were measured, using KBr disc on a matson 5000 FTIR-spectrometer molar conductivities in nitrobenzene were measured on Toshniwal conductivity bridge.