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Synonyms for calibre

Synonyms for calibre

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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Dowell about the Mk VI revolver, "At the time of its introduction, the standard model with six chambers and 6" barrel was calibered for the Government '.455 ball cartridge' and during the period of its service life the various types of this cartridge from Mark I to Mark VI were suitable for use in this, the last of the Webley & Scott Government Models."
The Model 2003 is dual calibered in .177/.22 and the Model 600 is available in separate .177 and .22 versions.
(220V, Single-phased, 60 cycles; unit condensed unit cooled by air, calibered in liters.
(148) Among the weapons examined were "cluster warheads with bomblets which act through the ejection of a great number of small calibered fragments or pellets ...." (149) In addition to cluster munitions, delegates to the Conference explored possible bans on incendiary weapons, delayed-action weapons, (150) small-caliber projectiles, (151) weapons producing flechettes, (152) and fuel-air explosives.
Baldwin would later rue the lack of depth in the national pool following the inexplicable pullout of calibered members of the team that did wonders in the Fiba World Cup.