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Synonyms for caliber

a level of superiority that is usually high

degree of excellence

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Synonyms for caliber

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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Police recovered from Julesis Bellesa one .357-caliber revolver without serial number, five rounds of live ammunition for caliber .38, and a sling bag, and from Ferdinand Bellesa, one .45-caliber pistol, one magazine, 15 rounds of live ammunition and a sling bag.
With the acquisition, Caliber now owns and operates 368 miles of pipeline across its four service lines in McKenzie County, North Dakota.
In Japan, Small Caliber Ammunition will reach a market size of US$569.9 Million by the close of the analysis period.
Under the sale agreement, Caliber's acquired assets include a FERC-regulated crude oil gathering and pipeline transportation system consisting of a 47-mile pipeline and related facilities with the ability to transport crude oil to the Tesoro High Plains Pipeline and the Energy Transfer Dakota Access Pipeline.
As further evidence of growth from 2008 to 2017, three of four pistol calibers experienced mammoth percentage gains over their 2008 totals: .22 (108.9%), .380 (204.2%) and 9mm (316.5%).
Maegan Woytek, National Sales Representative, remarked, "Caliber Software is the premier homeowner's association management and accounting software.
"Firearms caliber was associated with the likelihood of death from gunshot wounds in criminal assault," the authors write.
Caliber's portfolio has experienced relatively high growth over the past three years, primarily from acquisitions and origination of performing GSE and government loans.
Combining opportunistic strategies to purchase assets below market with in-house real estate services, Caliber leverages its business model to build value in assets with management transformation, ground-up development or effective remodeling, and intelligent financings.
With the addition of Banc Home Loans, Caliber will have a salesforce of more than 1800 across more than 340 retail locations throughout the United States.
Objective: To compare the percutaneous radiologically guided gastrostomy (PeRG) tubes of wide caliber with narrow caliber tubes.
Caliber is a privately held financial services company that is an approved seller/servicer for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as an approved Ginnie Mae issuer.
As a full-time firearms instructor, I get daily questions from beginning shooters about the "best" caliber for concealed carry.
Twenty caliber has never been as popular as .22, and the .25 hangs on to life by the narrowest margin.
The house belongs to B.Utirov, 66; it was rented by American citizens.The ammunition included the following: 6 heavy machine guns with optical trackers and night vision systems; 26 submachine guns 5.56 mm in size; 2 Winchester rifles caliber 12; 4 tubes from heavy machine guns; 2 rifle-attached grenade launchers; 4 sniper rifles with optical tracker of a battle-grey color; 6 BERETTA pistols of 9 mm caliber; 1 rifle; 2 knives; 2,920 cartridges of 5.56 mm caliber; 10,556 cartridges of 9 mm caliber; 2 boxes with cartridges of 50 mm caliber, with 350 cartridges in each box; 478 cartridges of 12 mm caliber; 1,000 marking (tracing) cartridges of a red color; 66 empty loading cases of automatic weapon; 57 empty loading cases from BERETTA pistol.