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Synonyms for calfskin

fine leather from the skin of a calf


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These watches for elegant women are available with purple, taupe or grey alligator leather straps, while quilted calfskin straps in black or blue also give a feminine touch to the overall look.
The charcoal grey morning suit has the initials 'DB' stitched on the inside and is paired with a double-breasted waistcoat, Egyptian cotton poplin shirt, grey silk satin tie and black calfskin leather derbies.
featured in mini-size complemented by an ultra-feminine palette-BonBon, Opal, Begonia and Black for calfskin models, Red for the patent leather version-Vara Rainbow is distinguished by the Vara bow clasp ornament.
The seven volumes are hand written on calfskin vellum, the script is written using hand-cut goose, turkey and swan quills, and the ink is hand-ground lamp black from 19th-century Chinese ink sticks.
The Chanel J12 XS, the rare women's watch in the auction, came mounted on a black calfskin cuff, hand-embroidered by Maison Lesage with black glass beads and silver calfskin piping.
She collected more than 20 of their calfskin bags with gold-hooped Gancio clasps.
It used to take four monks, labouring in a scriptorium with quills over calfskin, up to a year to produce a single book.
As per that decree, further export tariffs will be imposed on buffalo leather and cowhide at LE 250, LE 150 on calfskin, LE 15 on sheepskin, LE 5.7 on goatskin and LE 150 on camel leather.
The slipper has a lightweight leather sole combined with soft calfskin leather, tiny front tassels and rein stones.
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This black wallet in Italian calfskin makes for a smart lifestyle addition with its practical partitioning inside with various compartments and space for at least 8 credit cards.
All of this came to a head last week when I read a newspaper article declaring: "What's the point of a suitcase that costs more than your holiday?" It showed a Serapian celebrity carry-on case in calfskin leather, a snip at PS1,450.
For fans of fellow French designer Celine, a luggage phantom tote in tan calfskin leather will also be for sale, the same model as carried by the likes of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio.
The bags are instantly recognisable by their flap fastener and padlock, with the classic 35-centimetre (10-inch) model in calfskin selling new for e1/47,400.