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fine leather from the skin of a calf


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young of various large placental mammals e

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Mating index in Holsteins is high and their calf crop is lower compared to local animals.
"In this scenario, most of the older-age-class males, the trophy 6-point bulls, die off as well as the year's calf crop. These mature bulls often perish first because they're older, weaker and all rutted out.
The calf crop is more uniform in weight: calves of poor milkers eat more creep feed.
If weather conditions improve, and forage supplies become more plentiful, producers may retain heifers from this year's calf crop, which could lower beef production in 2003 about 5% below this year.
She said they never took any pay from the ranch for the first eight years with all of the calf crop income budgeted back into building the herd.
"Cows in labor for long periods of time have poor reproductive performance in the subsequent breeding season, resulting in a reduced or delayed calf crop the next year," he points out.
Therefore it is necessary to put the management effort to prevent this detriment at high priority in order to obtain a healthy post-weaning calf crop. This paper delineates the causal-effect relation of the disease and practical management approach in its control.
Bord Bia said China's calf crop is forecast to be down 4% to 41 million head in 2010, yet China's efforts to grow domestic production continue, following the removal of 1m dairy cows in the wake of the melamine scandal in 2008.
Data is collected from each calf crop from conception to carcass over a period spanning 2 to 3 years.
A TEN per cent lift in Scotland's yearly calving percentage would restore its 2009 suckled calf crop to 1999 levels - when its beef cow herd stood at a record high of 534,520 head.
Present owners George and Ionwy Thorne were highly praised at the award presentation for their young stock, the quality of this year's calf crop and their present stock bull.
"Rainfall was good last year, great this winter, and we expect another good calf crop this year," he says.