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I am so out of Spirits, & hopes, & humour, & pocket, & health, that you must bear with my merriment, my only resource against a Calenture. (BLJ 1811, II: 51)
Suspected other diseases of the circulatory system (0.9 percent), cerebrovascular diseases (0.4 percent), neoplasms of the central nervous system (0.4 percent), and calenture (0.4 percent) were rare.
And adding even more detail to the linguistic map is the almost ostentatious technical and scientific vocabulary in the narrative: pollex, surd, calenture, spalling, birl, fleam, ferrule, pelisse, blouson, marasmus, shallop, spurlinglines ...
One example of a word I encountered only today, was "calenture" which denotes "the tropical delirium of sailors who imagine the sea to be green fields".
It's only later--near the end of her term of office, when she becomes frustrated with the unwavering contempt of her critics, the apathy of both the public and the Clinton Administration, and the ineffectualness of many of her own schemes--that Alexander takes her gloves off and starts to write with a sense of urgency, compassion and calenture. She wears black to her third appearance before the House subcommittee on appropriations.
(12) Here it merged with related or concomitant ailments of seafaring, notably calenture, or tropical fever, and scurvy, to form "scorbutic nostalgia"--an example of Cullen's nostalgia complex--blending its own iconography with the lore and imagery that had become affixed to these sailors' complaints.