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Synonyms for calendrical

relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement


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The calendrical recurrence of the judgment day makes it, on the one hand, a time-bound, concrete, event.
Catholic territories willingly followed suit, whereas the Protestant estates ended up vehemently objecting to the "popish" reform, preferring calendrical schism to political compromise.
The calendrical correction, moreover, does little to explain why Cortes would push the ground assault on Tenochtitlan so far into the Summer.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader; Volume 2: Calendrical Texts and Sapiential Texts, Poetic and Liturgical Texts, Additional Genres and Unclassified Texts, 2nd Edition
Punctuated and calendrical time (Guyer 2007) are powerful here: in the legal contractual insistence on observance of dates, and in the rewards and damage caused by--deliberate?
Olson's vision of space-time turns out to be not much different from, for instance, the Hopi vision of time-space (time and space united as a single process), while the Mayan obsession with calendrical systems resembles the USAmerIcan/Oxidental pantopian vision of absolute "co-control by analogy.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): Humans were able to develop a sophisticated calendrical system thousands of years earlier than previously believed, a new research has suggested.
An important fully illustrated four volume set entitled Conto Warni-Warninipun Sinjang Bathik (Examples of various Bathik Motifs, RP 223 A-D) is also gone, as is RP 234 Pawukon Mawi Gambar, a fully illustrated work on calendrical divination in fine wayang style also in color and gold leaf.
This indicates that the Bible itself accepts a dual calendrical sys tem, with both Nisan and Tishrei acting as the beginning of the year.
The former Inca record keepers, known as khipukamayuq (knot makers/keepers), supplied Inca rulers with a colossal variety and quantity of information pertaining to censuses, accounting, tributes, ritual and calendrical organization, genealogies, astronomical observations (Zuidema, 1982), and other such matters.
If, for instance, the populum potenti Dite creatum of one of the calendrical poems is the people of Britain, can Dis here stand for James VI and I, in whose person the crowns of England and Scotland were united?
They range from the aesthetic (using an organ, replacing the shofar with a cornet) to the linguistic (reading the haftorah in English) to the calendrical (eliminating the second day of holidays, scheduling evening services later on Fridays).
Gordon says, "The last hours before the Crucifixion are challenging, and many technical issues - legal, calendrical and other - are involved.
This article provides four examples to illustrate the power of the mediums' group: (1) several calendrical rituals for the city pillar's tutelary spirit; (2) the group's collaboration with traditional communities; (3) the collective rituals dedicated to teacher spirits; and (4) the recent formation of the biggest collective ritual in the city.
Folklore in all cultures tends to cluster around the critical points in the life cycle of the individual and the calendrical cycle of the community.