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Synonyms for calendrical

relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement


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These texts are all highly calendrical in nature and contain textual and astronomical content, heretofore known only from the Postclassic-period Maya codices-demonstrating the east wall as an active workspace and suggesting potential Classic-period codex book production occurred within the room (Saturno et al.
The pragmatic present condition--Tishrei as the beginning of the calendrical year and Nisan as the beginning of the festival year--makes everybody right, which itself may be regarded as part of the Jewish tradition.
These two calendars are offset by nine days relative to each other, which can be explained by the calendrical reforms which took place between 1394 and 1974.
One extraordinary feature of the piece is its urgency to announce the calendrical temporality of production, a date that normally accompanies utilitarian objects in tinier lettering stamped in more discreet places on the object, underneath the base or below the mouth, perhaps.
The ceremony date corresponds with the "traditional calendrical date for Dahomean families to worship their ancestors at home" and was conceived of as a way to unite local Vodun groups from all over Benin "to worship the long departed slaves as objects of a transnational form of ancestor worship" (Sutherland 1999:202).
Gordon says, "The last hours before the Crucifixion are challenging, and many technical issues - legal, calendrical and other - are involved.
Religions may interact in complex and unexpected ways in everyday life, organized as it is around calendrical rites.
Caesar, his calendar, and his deification are all being causally linked, and we learn now that it was for the attack on him as Pontifex Maximus (implying the calendrical reforms he undertook in that role), that his son Caesar demonstrated pietas and exacted revenge (705-10).
Anniversary journalism is partly subordinated to the state management of national temporalities such as governing the organization of weekly, calendrical and ceremonial time (Edensor:531).
This is a calendrical ritual based on the coming of spring which supplicates rainfall for the crops.
32) The explicitly calendrical framework of Jerningham's history endows the New Zealand experiment in systematic colonisation with the aura of 'slow and regular progress', effectively blanketing the settlements in homogeneous, empty time.
On top of the calendrical differences, a number of canonical theological considerations factor into the process.
Drawing daily for some seventy years, he created a vast body of work that includes intimate tonal drawings of the farmland and homestead where he grew up; sculptures of human figures, animals, and objects made by stitching together pieces of paper and cardboard; hand-sewn books containing alphabets, syllabaries, calendrical schemes, and other data laid out in grids; and myriad copies, on fragments of used paper, of texts and images culled from illustrated magazines and commercial packaging.
Calendrical and verbal anachronisms, biographical mistakes, evidence of the use of metal-nibbed pens--his efforts had them all in abundance.
2005); it is also shown there how the accuracy of their estimates when expressed as rolling quarterly estimates can and should be verified in calendrical quarters against the subsequent (ONS published) outturn for quarterly GDP growth.