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relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement


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Temporal association rules have various kinds like Calendric Association rule [12], Cyclic Association rule [13], Association rule based on partition [14], progressive weighted miner [10], incremental temporal association rule [4] and periodic temporal association rule [15].
Such matters are very important to print reporters the day before the annual calendric holiday of Thanksgiving.
There is a rigid relationship not only of the individual to his fellows, but also of village life to the calendric cycle .
The author begins with Maya calendric glyphs, specifically examining the chronology of the ruler of the Mayan city of Calacmul, Yuknoom Ch'een (circa CE 600-686).
Although he deals with other astronomical feats of Palenque's royal court, his central focus is on the calendric construct knows as the "819-day count.
Moreover, when there are lexical means that (partially) express what inflectional morphology realizes, as in the case of temporal reference, L2ers at early stages often use lexical devices such as adverbials, calendric expressions, and temporal conjunctions (see Bardovi-Harlig 1994; Meisel 1986; von Stutterheim 1991); the same has been found for the expression of modality in early L2 development, where lexical devices appear earlier than inflectional morphology (see Dittmar and Terborg 1991).
This calendric collection of bucolics with its illustrative, rough woodcuts adapted a popular medieval form that made it appear neither very old nor very new, as did the Calender's accompanying critical apparatus, a series of glosses by Spenser's first and anonymous critic, "E.
Within this context a Soviet tradition was bore, that of composing new scripts for numerous public holidays and folk-like calendric celebrations.
Xochiquetzal was also connected with Xochitl (Flower), one of the twenty calendric day signs, the twentieth sign, the last day of every month.