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a machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers

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press between rollers or plates so as to smooth, glaze, or thin into sheets

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The porter, although half asleep from the wine he had drunk, heard the words, and without moving cried angrily to the Calender, "Sit down and mind your own business.
We know no more than you," said the Calender to whom he had spoken.
New calendering techniques such as the Optiload, Janus, or Hot Soft Nip calenders, when combined with new coating formulations, are allowing the preservation of base sheet bulk, stiffness and opacity while still achieving high gloss and printing characteristics.
In older three-roll single motor drive calenders, the prototype for the process, the stock is on the middle roll, and is traveling faster than the substrate.
7-meter machines will produce some 30,000 metric tons of tissue per annum, using calenders and two-layer headboxes to ensure product quality.
This powerful temperature control and cooling unit with high cooling capacity is used for rollers, calenders, plates, double walled vessels and other large consumers.
The new calenders are equipped with Kusters Multi-Hydro Vario Rolls.
More than 60 calenders of different shape and mostly large sized ones are equipped with this system.
Applications include thickness and profile measurement applications, such as web and sheet calenders, die design and tire tread extrusions, and thickness measurement of calendered sheet.
Tenders are invited for Shri saibaba diary , calenders, deluxe calenders -2016 for shri saibaba sansthan trust, shirdi
Production equipment includes extruders, strainers, two-roll mills, presses, calenders, mixers and bale cutters.
Similar to roofing sheets, the three-layer floor covering core is produced on two twin-screw extruders and two smoothing calenders.
In comparison to standard three-roll calenders with vertical roll arrangement, the teXcal Trike reduces seam loss to a minimum.
Calenders consist of large rolls for forming and conditioning paper, rubber, or plastic sheet.
The club borrowed the tradition's basic idea and wants to use it to sale calenders to raise money for the School of Hearing Impaired in Khomasdal.