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a machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers

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press between rollers or plates so as to smooth, glaze, or thin into sheets

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Complete, custom-designed calendering, coating, slitting and winding systems in 6- to 108-in.
It has been reported that there are fewer blisters when calendering AEM terpolymers instead of the AEM copolymer (ref.
PM 4 also has an in-line calender stack and a Metso OptiLoad OL6 calendering unit that help the mill make grade changes between silk and glossy grades.
Stavinor XL-CZ 009A is a substitute for Ba/Zn in flexible filled calendering.
There is two-tier drying after the size press for curl control and two-nip soft calendering, a first in North America on uncoated, wood-free papers.
The Toronto and Findlay plants compliment each other by working together to provide customers with the finest custom rubber mixing, compounding, calendering and extrusion services.
Complete calendering, coating, slitting and winding systems are designed and manufactured in 6- to 108-in.
Successful calendering depends on adequate control of all of the elements of the system.
Entex also represents the German firm of Bastian Wickeltechnik GmbH, a producer of slitters and winders, and displayed calendering systems of Klockner Wilhemsburger GmbH.
If a wire breaks during ply production, be it calendering or extrusion, it will show up as a spacing fault later in the process.
Rex Robertson of Metso Paper discussed on-machine calendering techniques used with metered size press coated papers.
Provides complete calendering plants for outputs between 300 and 15,000 lb/ hr at 3 to 150 yd/min of flexible and rigid vinyls, ABS, urethanes, and polyolefins.
Our purpose is to achieve the highest-level of excellence in Black and Color rubber Mixing, Calendering and Custom Slitting, Compounding, Research and Development Services, and Customer Service and Satisfaction.
The on-line calendering system of PM4 provides a high level of consistency to the web, increased capacity through high calendering speed, and increased production efficiency.