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a machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers

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press between rollers or plates so as to smooth, glaze, or thin into sheets

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Zobeida put the same question to the other two Calenders, and received the same answer.
Then one of the Calenders, addressing himself to Zobeida as the principal lady, began his story.
Metering size presses can film-coat both sides of the sheet in a single operation, and a two-nip, heated soft calender can finish the surface.
Company offers project and installation engineering as well as calender line rebuilding and upgrading.
In addition to its broad portfolio for the nonwovens market, ANDRITZ is also renowned for its textile calender technology.
The company's hydraulic cushion system is composed of a mechanical crew and a hydraulic cushion placed between the screw and the bearing box of the movable calender roll.
American mills have traditionally manufactured base stock for coated SBS board on conventional fourdrinier machines with a conventional head box, dandy roll(s), conventional size press, and calender wet stack before the coater section.
KTM's main focus will be the new thermal bond calender concept "Paratherm.
by Purnell International, Houston) as a completely new use for planetary-screw extruders, normally used for PVC calender feeding.
ANDRITZ Kusters, one of the leading suppliers worldwide of calender technology for the textiles, nonwovens, and paper industries, has developed an innovative calender concept for the growth market technical textiles, incorporating proven technologies from the production of paper and nonwovens.
Older technology liner machines are characterized by a rectifier roll headbox, a fourdrinier forming section with a secondary headbox, three or more straightthrough presses, a large number of conventional two-tier dryers, and a multiplenip hard calender.
Currently available from Bombi Meccanica, Florence, Italy, is a hot calender line for wadding felt ovens, ovens for recycled felt, spray bonding plants, perforated drums and other machinery.
International technology Group ANDRITZ will deliver the paper machine approach, a save-all disc filter for fiber recovery, two PrimeFlow headboxes, and a PrimeDry Hard 2 roll calender for the new testliner and corrugated medium machine at Sichuan F.
The company signed a contract with Minfeng Special Paper in China to supply a seven-roll OptiLoad calender at its mill in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province.
Simec SpA, Olgiate, Italy, has built a new 4000 square meter production facility in central Italy for engraved calender and embossing rolls.