calendar year

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the year (reckoned from January 1 to December 31) according to Gregorian calendar


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According to the company, the Swedish National Agency for Education's explanation for the decision not to award IES the government subsidy for homework support for the calendar year 2018 is that school principals with low educational results have been prioritised.
Total domestic sales experienced a year-on-year decline for the second consecutive year since calendar year 2005.
For the last three calendar years, Toxic has paid $13 million, $7 million, and $10 million in A&E losses.
For example, a five-year, calendar-year lease providing for rent of $100,000 per calendar year and total rent of $500,000 contains a qualifying rent allocation.
1) A bank, savings association, or credit union is exempt from the requirements of this regulation for a given calendar year if on the preceding December 31:
Second, the aggregated income of all persons occupying the apartment as their primary residence (excluding bona fide sub-tenants and employees) must exceed $250,000 for the prior two calendar years.
500,000 of Ohio taxable gross receipts during a calendar year.
However, a participant's right is legally binding if the compensation can be reduced or eliminated only upon an unlikely condition, such as a 50% drop in the Dow Jones industrial average during a given calendar year.
For example, a calendar year individual taxpayer makes this election on his or her 2001 return.
9) In the case of an individual using the calendar year for income tax purposes, interest on an underpayment of income tax generally starts on April 15 of the year following the year for which the tax is due.
The POLARIS 2-enabled handsets will be new mid-range multimedia mobile devices expected to be in the market later this year, with production volumes throughout calendar year 2008.
today announced its production, sales and export figures for December 2015 and calendar year 2015.
A resident alien is a person who is a legally permanent resident alien at any time during the calendar year.
In other news, Jack Golsen, Board Chairman, commented that LSB's preliminary estimate of consolidated sales for calendar year 2006 is $491 million, up 23.