calendar year

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the year (reckoned from January 1 to December 31) according to Gregorian calendar


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- Total domestic automobile sales in the Japanese market for the first half of calendar year 2019 experienced a year-on-year increase for the third consecutive year (since the first six months of 2017).
Earning per share was recorded for the calendar year 2018 was recorded at Rs6.19 per share.
According to the company, the Swedish National Agency for Education's explanation for the decision not to award IES the government subsidy for homework support for the calendar year 2018 is that school principals with low educational results have been prioritised.
* Was late in filing inventory reports for dioctylphthalate and lead compounds for calendar years 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Elucidating on the numbers posted by Royal Enfield, Siddhartha Lal said, "Royal Enfield has recorded a volume growth of 42 percent with 74626 units being sold in the calendar year 2011.
Generally, a taxpayer may decide whether he wishes to use the calendar year or fiscal year in reporting his tax liability.
For tax year 2007 returns filed in calendar year 2008, any tax return preparer who handled more than 100 original tax year 2006 personal income tax returns in calendar year 2007 and used software to prepare at least one personal income tax return in calendar year 2008 was required to e-file all tax year 2007 personal income tax returns and extensions in calendar year 2008, unless the taxpayer opted out using Form TR-800-IT or TR-800-PT.
Section 100.7300 increases the amount of time an employer must maintain copies of the combined W-2 forms from 3 years to 4 years after the 2007 calendar year. Employers must also retain a copy of each wage and tax statement on the combined W2 form.
Their primary choice is whether to report QTREs on the basis of the payments received or the amount billed during the calendar year; see Sec.
This is the latest accomplishment of our R&D team which has submitted 15 drug applications to the SFDA during this calendar year."
Keith Scherbart, a calendar-year taxpayer, was a corn farmer who belonged to the Minnesota Corn Processor cooperative (MCP), a fiscal-year entity During the calendar year, Scherbart delivered corn three times to MCE which processed the corn and sold it to third parties.
Factors cited for this slowdown include shrinking GDP during the calendar year, higher energy costs and a declining housing market.
Every now and then, an author, publishing in one calendar year, has shown the amazing prescience of being able to identify not only the holding but even the precise citation of a Supreme Court case decided at some (stated) date in the future!
The purpose of this report is to identify the place of class attendance of Nova Southeastern University students from Calendar Year 1995 to Calendar Year 2005.
A maximum of 100,000 miles can be transferred into any individual Mileage Plan account per calendar year; and up to 100,000 miles can be deducted from a Mileage Plan account per calendar year.