calendar week

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a period of seven consecutive days starting on Sunday

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At least 20,000 shares and 150% of the stock's average daily trading volume (excluding block trades) for the preceding four calendar weeks.
The Racing Post has learned that the main thrust of the document to be put to the promoters surrounds what is seen as an excess of Category One and Two events, which are both currently allowed to take up two calendar weeks.
And there's still more than two calendar weeks - and 12 business days - for the competing sides to put together ballot language and arguments.
The Fund's Declaration of Trust requires the submission of such a proposal to shareholders at the Fund's next annual meeting if the average discount of its share price to net asset value exceeds 10% during the last 12 calendar weeks of its fiscal year.
These are, amongst other things, that the number of shares repurchased on any given day cannot amount to more than 25% of the average daily volume during the four calendar weeks immediately preceding the week during which shares are repurchased and that shares may only be repurchased at prices which are in the interval between the highest bid price and the lowest asked price.
Transfer of the total score of 88 room books at the latest after 54 calendar weeks from the following day of awarding the contract.
00Estimated start date 14/11/16Main contract construction period - 15 calendar weeks.
The Declaration of Trust requires this submission if the average discount of the Intermediate Trust's share price to net asset value exceeds 10% based on the last trading day in each week during the 12 calendar weeks preceding the beginning of each year.
Any sale of these shares by Wells Fargo into the public market must be conducted in accordance with the resale limitations under applicable federal and state securities laws, including SEC Rule 144 which limits public sales by insiders within a three-month period to the greater of 1% of the total outstanding shares (approximately 27,000 shares) or the average weekly trading volume during the four calendar weeks preceding the filing of a notice of intention to sell.
GBP50,000Estimated start date As programmeMain contract construction period - 52 calendar weeks.
Mack & Summersdale Traffic Signal Cabinet And Controller (T15144300) The Traffic Signal Cabinet And Traffic Signal Controller Shall Be Delivered To The City Of Sacramento Within 8 Calendar Weeks From The Date Of Purchase Order.
That tender offer would be at net asset value, less expenses of the tender offer, and is contingent upon the discount between the Fund's market price and net asset value per share exceeding five percent (5%) during the twelve calendar weeks preceding February 1, 2001 and upon the board determining at that time that the tender offer continues to be in the best interest of the Fund's shareholders.
Estimated start date - April 2016Main Contract construction period - 47 calendar weeks.
Dreyfus Strategic Governments Income is required to present stockholders at its annual stockholder meeting with a proposal to convert Dreyfus Strategic Governments Income to an open-end investment company because its market price per share traded at an average discount of more than 10% to net asset value per share for the last 12 calendar weeks of 1999.