calendar week

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a period of seven consecutive days starting on Sunday

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In a second step, to isolate the hypothetical effect of spatial AOT variations on occurrence of localized epidemics and to control for the already documented temporal relation between the risk of meningitis epidemics and AOT, we sampled control HC-weeks from the pool of nonepidemic HC-weeks according to the calendar week distribution of epidemic HC-weeks.
EECA will short-list entities that expressed their interest & will invite them to collect the prequalification questionnaire not later than four calendar weeks starting from this announcement.
Funds (including the no deposit bonus and any profits made) may be withdrawn from the account providing that the customer completed a minimum number of trades required under the bonus conditions during 2 calendar weeks from the time the bonus has been received.
To complete the qualifying period the agency worker must work in the same role for the hirer for 12 continuous calendar weeks during one or more assignments.
Any not-for-profit corporation that has not had four or more individuals employed within each of 20 or more calendar weeks does not qualify as a "nonprofit organization." The board of directors must also be informed that the employees are not eligible for the benefits on the basis of their employment for the not-for-profit corporation.
The first project will finish in 124 calendar weeks while the second one will take 66 calendar weeks for completion.
* On any single trading day, the company can't purchase more than the greater of either one round lot (100 shares) or the number of round lots that is closest to 25% of the company's stock's average daily trading volume in the four previous calendar weeks.
44(b) defines a full-time employee as a person who is employed at least 30 hours per week for at least 20 calendar weeks (not necessarily consecutively) in the previous tax year.
The new stock repurchase plan will be effected under Rule 10b-18 under the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, with some restrictions such as the number of shares that may be purchased in a single day (subject to certain exceptions for block purchases) as per the average daily trading volume of the company's shares on the NASDAQ Global Select Market during the four calendar weeks before the week in which a purchase is to be effected.
The Racing Post has learned that the main thrust of the document to be put to the promoters surrounds what is seen as an excess of Category One and Two events, which are both currently allowed to take up two calendar weeks.
These are, amongst other things, that the number of shares repurchased on any given day cannot amount to more than 25% of the average daily volume during the four calendar weeks immediately preceding the week during which shares are repurchased and that shares may only be repurchased at prices which are in the interval between the highest bid price and the lowest asked price.