calendar week

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a period of seven consecutive days starting on Sunday

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Date of opening quotation: 10/14/2015, Location: 9435 Heerbrugg, Remarks: calendar week 42/2015 (not public)
The index reflects the number of refinancing applications filed during the prior calendar week.
Date of opening quotation: Comments: calendar week 37/2015 (not public) Note: At least an indication of the calendar week is compulsory in the Canton of St.
Gallen, David 37, Comments: calendar week 40/2015 (not public).
The company also noted that because Thanksgiving occurred one calendar week later this year than in 1995, there were only two shopping days following Thanksgiving in the four weeks ended November 30, 1996 versus nine shopping days in the four weeks ended December 2, 1995.
Q / L2AL / FA098 / CB441: aerial target (FZD) with RAM targets (rocket DM 110 78/88 mm) for the air defense weapon system MANTIS in the 36th calendar week 2015th
Jackett said: "We will have five games in four calendar weeks so things become more even.
The yearly planners are divided into calendar weeks, making it easy to keep track of time scheduling and holiday management.
In addition, agency workers now have the same rights as employees if they have worked for 12 continuous calendar weeks with the same hirer, in the same role.
After the Christmas holidays of 2007, the Government returned to work on January 30, 2008, after an extraordinary 41 day recess - almost six calendar weeks.
Any not-for-profit corporation that has not had four or more individuals employed within each of 20 or more calendar weeks does not qualify as a "nonprofit organization.
The first project will finish in 124 calendar weeks while the second one will take 66 calendar weeks for completion.
In comparing fiscal periods instead of corresponding calendar weeks, fiscal August 2001 net sales of $46.
On any single trading day, the company can't purchase more than the greater of either one round lot (100 shares) or the number of round lots that is closest to 25% of the company's stock's average daily trading volume in the four previous calendar weeks.
44(b) defines a full-time employee as a person who is employed at least 30 hours per week for at least 20 calendar weeks (not necessarily consecutively) in the previous tax year.