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four weeks


  • four weeks
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Synonyms for month

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I have been toiling under the notion that this test is good for 24 calendar months. Are you sure about that number?
To earn a place in the table a trainer needed to send out winners on a regular basis for at least five consecutive calendar months.
The contract which is expected to last for a period of twelve calendar months, according to the management of the LPRC, is also renewable for an additional period of twelve calendar months upon negotiations between the LPRC and NNPC.
Caley have had only one defeat on the road - to Celtic - in the last 12 calendar months.
The sales gains were due primarily to strong performance by stores open for more than 12 calendar months, acquisitions in the paint store and consumer segments and improvement in its automotive finishes and international coatings segments, the company said.
As MAG-49 operations officer Lieutenant Colonel John Shamburger put it, "Although it takes six calendar months to plan and coordinate this exercise, the actual time involved for these reserve Marines was 10 days."
* An item that normally requires more than 12 calendar months to complete.
This plunge has not been approached since the minus 18.1 percent in May 1997, when the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers still calculated calendar months. It was also the weakest January since 3.35 million units shipped in four weeks in 1997.
Borrowers can pick from a 3% discount on their home loan for four months, a one- year fixed rate of 5.99%, a payment credit of the first two calendar months interest or a free valuation and pounds 250 cashback towards legal fees.
Unfortunately, refunds are only available for any unused quarters - three full calendar months - on TV licences that haven't already expired.
Right now, everyone knows that you must conduct the following within the previous six calendar months of the day of your IFR flight: six instrument approaches, holding procedures, and intercepting and tracking using navigation systems.
MIDWIVES have warned women to give themselves time to recover after having a baby after it was revealed that a woman gave birth to two children eight calendar months apart.