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209 billion during last Iranian calendar month (March 21-April 20), while imports accounted for $1.
The same is also true for traditional semi-detached properties which achieve between pounds 500 and pounds 0575 per calendar month.
Down at least EUR50 in a calendar month and we give you EUR5 cash back
It also provides that a change to or from a 52-53-week tax year ending with reference to the same calendar month or a change to a required or ownership tax year will not be deemed a prior accounting-period change within the most recent 48-month period.
The site was down again on June 29, making last weekend's outage the third in a calendar month.
6071(a)-1 (a)(3)(ii), an employer who is required to file a final form 941 must file form W-2 and transmittal form W-3 with the SSA on or before the last day of the second calendar month after the period covered by the employer's final form 941.
It can amortize loans, or compute depreciation, beginning with any calendar month, and it can quickly compute the weighted average of appraised properties.
8 million for the calendar month of October, 2010, an increase of 7.
Month, 1 Calendar Month Prior To The Month Of Scheduled Delivery Or Month Of Dispatch, Whichever Is Lower In The Ratio 1:1.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- The Statistical Center of Iran put the inflation rate of the country's rural areas in the 12-month period to the third Iranian calendar month (ended on June 21) at 28.
655 billion in the (Iranian) calendar month of Azar (November 21aACAoDecember 21), the highest in the first nine months of the (Iranian) current calendar year (starting March 21, 2013), a recent report released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) said.
When it comes to the rental market, a two-bedroom house in TS12 can let from anywhere between pounds 350 and pounds 500 per calendar month.
The flats are on the first and second floors, one let at pounds 410 a calendar month and the other at pounds 460 a calendar month on assured shorthold tenancies.
In astronomical terms, a blue moon really doesn't have anything to do with colour, but is a term used to denote the second full moon that occurs within a calendar month.
AMEX:IPT), a party goods retailer that operates 50 iParty retail stores, today reported sales results for the calendar month and calendar year ended October 31, 2007.