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natural family planning in which ovulation is assumed to occur 14 days before the onset of a period (the fertile period would be assumed to extend from day 10 through day 18 of her cycle)

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Women also reported using condoms during unsafe periods, without explicitly mentioning calendar method use.
Our sample was not meant to be statistically representative; however, given that nearly every respondent in our sample reported counting days, and that higher use rates of similar calendar methods are recorded in other surveys in response to specific prompts, it is likely that the DHS has not fully captured current use of this key method in Ghana.
There were times that the priest in my parish would allow me to be by his side and make the announcements myself or lecture about the calendar method before he concluded the Mass, he said.
The researchers found that use of the calendar method in women trying to conceive resulted in only one third of cycles where peak fertile days were correctly predicted.
"Like the calendar method, our test is safe and non-invasive," Ellis said.
Withdrawal was used by 25% of at-risk respondents, and the calendar method by 17%; the latter method was reported by 24% of 35-44-year-olds and 16% of 25-34-year-olds, but by only 6% of the youngest respondents.
The calendar method works on the basis that there are six days during the average woman's menstrual cycle when they can fall pregnant.
Alternatives to vaginal intercourse practiced during the fertile time among calendar method users in Ireland.
QHow effective is the calendar method? My husband and I are staunch Catholics and don't believe in using contraception but we've already got five children and want to keep it that way!
The most commonly cited methods were the male condom, the calendar method and the injectable.
Measuring the lifetime experience of domestic violence: Application of the Life History Calendar method. Violence and Victims, 17, 297-317.
Speaking to farmers amid demonstrations, she noted that there were many types of family planning, namely, natural (giving birth between intervals), calendar method, taking of pills, injection for one month, three months or periods between three and ten years, and the use of condoms.
The authors examine various tools, including comparative educational biography, collaborative life writing, life lines, the life history calendar method, imagined dialogues and digital life writing, for both their possibilities and limitations.
* EMA analyses of drinking have been compared to calendar methods, such as timeline follow-back (TLFB) interviews (Sobell et al.