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Synonyms for calendar

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Words related to calendar

a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year

a list or register of events (appointments or social events or court cases etc)

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a tabular array of the days (usually for one year)

enter into a calendar

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The calendar also includes seating charts for all major sports and entertainment venues.
Small businesses are often challenged with managing their daily activities, as they cannot always afford to pay upfront for software and may lack the IT staff required to set up and maintain traditional calendar software," said Michael Nouri, president & CEO, Smart Online Inc.
The Year In Space" is also a versatile desk calendar, with weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-year calendars, a daily moon phase calendar, an address section, blank pages for notes, and more.
Proceeds from the calendar will be split equally between the Health Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita.
We are delighted to be partnered with PeopleCube in an effort to provide secure, wireless synchronization for their Meeting Maker calendar users," said Paul DePond, President of Notify Technology Corporation.
Despite vocal opposition from some parents, the Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday voted to cut the number of calendars used by local schools.
The photography of the African American Quilts calendar (Good Books, ISBN 1-561-48324-9) is so colorful that you can almost feel every stitch on these award-winning quilts.
For IRAs, the new RMD rules are proposed to be effective for distributions for calendar years beginning after 2001.
Automatically adding school calendar dates to existing calendar programs parents are already using without manual entry.
He asked the board to table the calendar and wait to get community input about it.
24, 1582, Gregory issued a papal bull announcing how and when the calendar would undergo correction.
441(g) mandates a calendar year for any taxpayer who fails to maintain books.
The 1994 Hooters Calendar was chosen as one of the nation's best calendars in the Calendar Marketing Association's fifth annual National Calendar Awards competition.
The Planitax Tax Calendar is designed to help corporate tax departments stay ahead of all their compliance obligations, as well as enable corporations to completely integrate tax project management, legal entity compliance, data collection, audit defense, and tax position management, as well as automating all of the tax workflows to get the necessary approvals and sign-offs.
Thus, distributions from these plans must begin by April 1 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which the employee attains age 70k, even though the employee (or IRA participant) has not retired.