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Synonyms for calefaction

the property of being warming

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Electric power supply of the guns is performed by means of high-voltage 30 kV direct voltage sources, consisting of the switching start-protective equipment, thyristor keys, chokes, transformers, rectifiers, and cathode calefaction sources of the guns.
Operation of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station adversely affects water quality in Oyster Creek and Barnegat Bay principally by: (1) the calefaction of receiving waters due to waste heat rejection; and (2) the release of biocides (chlorine) and radionuclides in liquid effluent.
The practice of heat treatments to reduce the unfavorable calefaction effect is achieved by shaking fluid or product during the cooling.
Experiments have shown that applying an ultrasonic field cooling fluid increases the cooling capacity of the physicochemical environments, eliminating at the same time, one of the most dangerous stages of cooling, namely calefaction.