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Synonyms for cauldron

a very large pot that is used for boiling


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She set on every dish; and I always saw in her face, a face rising out of the caldron.
No more bombs fell from the windows, the last pedestrians seemed to have vanished from the streets, and our immediate quietude grew more profound; though the gigantic caldron continued to bubble in the distance, dull roars of explosions came to us from all directions, and the smoke-pillars were towering more ominously in the heavens.
When a son takes a father into his warm heart it renews the old man's youth in a better way than by the heat of Medea's magic caldron.
As a whirlpool of boiling waters has a centre point, so, all this raging circled round Defarge's wine-shop, and every human drop in the caldron had a tendency to be sucked towards the vortex where Defarge himself, already begrimed with gunpowder and sweat, issued orders, issued arms, thrust this man back, dragged this man forward, disarmed one to arm another, laboured and strove in the thickest of the uproar.
Contract notice: excellence in the tallinn culture caldrons - external cleaning.
Every day, picnickers hover over steaming caldrons of stew and grilled meats as accordion music fills the air.
Already, the sweltering, teeming refugee camps along the frontier are fast becoming caldrons of anti-Alawite feelings.
The butcher would boil 20- pound tetes de veau in huge iron caldrons and serve his clients big, messy sandwiches filled with bits of cheek, skin, fat, gristle, tongue and brains covered in a white vinaigrette gribiche sauce.
One of the most famous scenes in Macbeth, the witches and caldrons scene, that's actually Thomas Middleton inspired from his play The Witch.
The identity of this semi-nomadic Roma group is based on the ancient craft of its menfolk: producing and repairing pots, pans and caldrons.
As one enters, instead of fresh fruit and vegetables, hot soup beckons from caldrons nearby.
Next this material is used for heat-resistant components of caldrons with high service temperature and low mechanical stress.
At night, fire leaps from caldrons atop those pillars, as if to stave off the winter chill of nighttime in the desert.
The clash of ideas, lively debate and intellectual challenges are what make campuses the caldrons of discovery and progress that they are, or should be.
Not surprisingly, the Pasto Ag Museum has caldrons, lard presses (used to press the water from the fat and to form it into blocks) and skimmers used to remove the cracklings from the melted fat.