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the calculus of maxima and minima of definite integrals

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Finally, in the last section, we apply the Duality Principle to the calculus of variations on time scales.
In Section 5 we specify these new transformations to the calculus of variations setting (with and without shift in the state variable) and compare these new results with the known transformations in the literature.
of Muenster) present the complete theory of quadratic conditions for smooth problems of the calculus of variations and optimal control, and apply the theory to control problems with ordinary differential equations subject to boundary conditions of equality and inequality type and mixed control-state constraints of equality type.
Zezza, Conjugate points in the calculus of variations and optimal control theory via the quadratic form theory, Differential Equations Dynam.
After a few remarks on the historical development, the second part provides an introduction to the calculus of variations and the relationship between integral equations and applications of the calculus of variations.
Some sections of the book contain more advanced material, particularly nonlinear functional analysis and some topics in the calculus of variations.
This textbook on applied calculus of variations is aimed at engineers who need to find solutions to problems that involve optimal quantities, shapes and functions.
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is the essential companion for mathematics courses, including ODEs, PDEs, Vector Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Complex Variables, Numerical Methods and the Calculus of Variations.
The first edition was published in 2003; among the changes in the second are new chapters on the Volterra equations and the calculus of variations.
A primer on the calculus of variations and optimal control theory.
A sampling of topics includes: double refraction, electromagnetism, liquid crystals, the calculus of variations, Maier-Saupe theory, static continuum theory, LCD chemistry, engineering, the active matrix, the transistor and integrated circuit, and new technologies and products.
Paul Malliavin developed the stochastic calculus of variations that bears his name in 1976 primarily to establish the regularity of the probability distribution of functionals of an underlying Gaussian process.
The 19 papers that emerged consider such topics as the sensitivity of control systems with respect to measure-valued coefficients, the regularity of solutions to one-dimensional and multi-dimensional problems in the calculus of variations, the generalized differentiation of parameterized families of trajectories, and linear-convex control and duality.
Singularities in PDE and the calculus of variations.