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Synonyms for calculus

an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

the branch of mathematics that is concerned with limits and with the differentiation and integration of functions

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Stevens Institute of Technology has agreed to buy the Castle Point calculus course.
Of 54 patients 18 had only upper ureteric calculus, 7 had upper ureteric and renal calculus and 29 had renal calculus.
Pregnancy complicated by vesical calculus and vesicocutaneous fistula.
Besides, absorption of laser energy by water between calculus and fiber tip induces vapor bubble formation and collapse with shock wave generation.
Treatment and management of calculi are contingent on the condition of the urethra and the size, shape, and position of the calculus. Open surgery was previously the most common approach [3].
Small amounts of other salts such as magnesium, potassium, and ammonium are also involved in calculus formation.
Our cases were restricted to patients with a CT-diagnosed unilateral ureteric calculus. Subjects with bilateral ureteric stones, a congenital kidney malformation (such as horseshoe kidney), prior renal transplantation, or anatomic or radiographically proven functional solitary kidney were excluded.
The fractional calculus is relatively an old topic dating back to more than 300 years.
Determination blood lead and Creatinine clearance (Cr-cl) 10ml venous blood was drawn from each of the subjects at the time of or before the surgical removal of stones and extraction of supra gingival calculus. The lead in blood was also determined by atomic absorption method [7].
An intraoral x-ray showed no evidence of a calculus. However, ultrasonography detected two calculi in the middle and proximal Stensen duct on the left (figure 1).
The most effective management of the cystourolith was cystotomy to remove calculus.
The study aimed to determine the levels of students' mathematics comprehension and previous mathematics performance and their conceptual understanding in finding the area of plane regions in Integral calculus. It also determined the influence of students' personal attributes on their conceptual understanding of finding the area in calculus.