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(9) Rather than allowing the world to present itself poieticly, the world is known to the representing mind calculatively in terms of re-presented entities projected as an epistemic-inferential framework of conceptual relations upon the world.
So described, they are capable of being misdirected and misused: a rhetorician can give clever arguments for a bad cause; he can calculatively and deliberately act harmfully.
We could (following a critical route rather popular in the recent literature) assert that the success criterion does not capture our normal thinking about the relation between virtue and action, and should be replaced by a claim such as the following: virtues just get things right, calculatively, when it comes to achieving one's goals (whatever they may be), and normative rightness of action is not essential to virtue.
Science and technology systematically and calculatively expanded the means available to understand and manipulate nature.
This body of thought envisions a model of business behavior in which parties are assumed to be motivated exclusively by profit maximization, possess perfect information, and act calculatively rational in their decisions.