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As an aside, it's interesting to see here a point of contact between Weber and the new behavioral economics, which also considers deviations from calculative rationality.
It is clear from the table 4 that in a participative culture, identification with involvement has significant positive correlation with rational rewards, personalized relationship, negative sanction, exchange of benefits and assertiveness whereas calculative commitment is related significantly only with assertiveness.
Therefore the issue is keeping meditative thinking alive." (4) Heidegger's worry is that calculative thinking would eventually replace all other sorts of thinking, leaving us with an impoverished way of interacting within the world.
Concomitant with the rise of the modern calculative rationality is the insistence that other ways of dwelling on this earth are 'unscientific'.
Calculative cultures shape managerial predilections towards ERM practices, and serve as important constituents of the fit between risk control systems and organizational contexts.
Neoliberalism and the Digital Game's Calculative Subjectivity
As the room for risk is minimal and time to recover minimum, the batsman has to be circumspect and calculative at the same time.
But on the negative side they are exploitive, deviant, calculative, and secretive.
First, the economic literature suggests that trust primarily involves a calculative process (Williamson, 1996).
As Sudanese, there is nothing in Sudan that is called risk taking or just out of the blue; our people are ever calculative (everything must be of an interest), and therefore easy to read a theory between the two decisions.
It is hypothesized that tensions between social values and individualism, materialism, and calculative rationality have arisen as a result of the transformation to a free-market economy.
Formal Governance Mechanisms * Relational Governance Mechanisms * Transaction-Specific Investments * Calculative Trust * Benevolent Trust * Supplier-Manufacturer Relationships
Specifically, calculative commitment is demonstrated when a firm (i.e., the buyer) consciously performs activities that will allow its channel partner (i.e., the supplier) to "calculate" the amount of commitment it has toward it.
The analyst credited Nzamani's calculative move despite being under pressure from his two opponents, and being able to maintain the lead.