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It just shows she is very ambitious and very calculative and she is playing to ensure she gets reelected as governor in 2022,'
This kind of calculative politics of calculations will not work anymore.
The calculative assessments may either lose practical relevance or they may be regarded by the decision-maker and the public as prescriptive, not because their evaluative scope is adequate, but since they carry the connotation of being impartial or objective.
Financial planning becomes a form of biopower whereby investor subjects are mobilised through state-sponsored narratives emphasising individual responsibility, normalisation of risk in financial management, and calculative assessment of life goals (Langley, 2008; Martin, 2002).
These were the words, which he heard The Walls whispering, prior to the conservation works, when, in the recent past, they were at the stage of collapsing: "Your conflicts, your petty thinking and your calculative behaviour are threatening our very existence.
Muscat: Playing cool and calculative game, Team Muscat recorded two draws - both against Indian cities of Cuttak and Puri - in the Asian Cities Chess Championship in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of eastern Indian state of Odisha on Tuesday.
I anticipate that his findings will surely be helpful to the scientists of the country and the globe in their various calculative findings aimed for the goodness of one and all in this universe.
Govind, the protagonist, is an accountant and hence very meticulous, very calculative and business savvy, but of course unlike Vijay Mallya and Donald Trump.
Modernity holds man in its spell by means of technical rationality, reducing human thinking into the calculative, forcing the German thinker to exclaim that, in the end, only God can save us.
With a very calculative approach, the OOH marketing and advertising companies in Dubai have refined processes of measuring the effectiveness of outdoor advertisements.
Addressing Potter, the judge said: "I conclude you are a calculative and manipulative individual.
We are very calculative in [the] projects to pursue," Abdelrazaq says.
As for the less relevant nodes, the generated model shows that calculative commitment and switching costs (the three types) do not have a strong impact on any other construct.
A group of marketing professors in the business schools at Rice University in Houston and Fordham University in New York have come up with a customer loyalty model that has five dimensions--affective, normative, economic, forced, and habitual--arguing that current systems that only look at affective, normative, and calculative commitment are "insufficient.