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Synonyms for calculated

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Synonyms for calculated

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

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Synonyms for calculated

carefully thought out in advance

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Her literary inspiration this time is Montana-based author Maile Meloy, with Reichardt's elegantly apportioned script drawn from her stories "Tome," "Native Sandstone" and "Travis B." The director's chosen title, however, is at once calculatedly vague and mournfully ironic.
"Should Canada not withdraw and cease all imposed legislation on First Nations without our free, prior and informed consent, we will strategically and calculatedly begin the economic shut-down of Canada's economy from coast-to-coast.
Judging by the calculatedly risky steps they have taken -- like moving a gigantic drilling rig deep into Vietnam's Exclusive Economic Zone -- China seems to have concluded that, with the West preoccupied with Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, Southeast Asia divided over how to respond to its aggressive moves, and with Japan and the U.S.
It annoys them that the Canadiens are artfully antagonistic, deliberately deceitful and calculatedly cunning, a team that goads, prods, dives, and flops all in the name of drawing penalties and erasing their opponent's composure.
Jacob's Room, now more than ninety years in print, has always been regarded as a calculatedly fragmented narrative.
This enables poets like Wordworth to calculatedly "risk a reader's displeasure" (57).
This does not at all mean that the novel is cynical, or calculatedly constructed, it just means that it's a great example of YA fiction.
On May 16, 2008 the scene of crime was littered with endless clues about the case: (a) body of Arushi with professionally inflicted injuries; (b) the bed sheet free from any crease; (c) calculatedly cleaned scene; (d) body of Hemraj wrapped in a sheet discovered at the roof of the house; (e) blood stains on the stairs; (f) entries into the house locked from inside; (g) golf club injuries of Hemraj; (h) carpets, sheets etc.
Despite the fact that the policy was part of a broader effort to make preventive care more affordable, religious conservatives, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, have decried the policy as calculatedly anti-religious.
"I now know a good deal more about that email and how calculatedly dishonest it is.
The book seems calculatedly written to diminish Kennedy's reputation while enhancing Richard Nixon's, and I frequently felt that it pursued that agenda at the expense of important facts.
Yes, the drone was a provocation, but -- no doubt calculatedly -- hardly a war-provoking one; for all their inherent belligerence, even the Israelis wouldn't have the chutzpah to call this single, unarmed violation of their airspace a casus belli, especially since -- as Nasrallah pointed out -- Israeli warplanes have for years been doing just that in Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis.
The experience of each painting is intensified as a result of a subtle asymmetry, which is felt all the more because it is not emphasized in an obvious way--altogether unlike the calculatedly wayward hangs so often executed now.
As a performer, Baron Cohen is more calculatedly offensive than Howard Stern and yet so stupidly "innocent" he manages to be lovable in a way that Stern could never be.