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Synonyms for calculated

Synonyms for calculated

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

Synonyms for calculated

carefully thought out in advance

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On May 16, 2008 the scene of crime was littered with endless clues about the case: (a) body of Arushi with professionally inflicted injuries; (b) the bed sheet free from any crease; (c) calculatedly cleaned scene; (d) body of Hemraj wrapped in a sheet discovered at the roof of the house; (e) blood stains on the stairs; (f) entries into the house locked from inside; (g) golf club injuries of Hemraj; (h) carpets, sheets etc.
Despite the fact that the policy was part of a broader effort to make preventive care more affordable, religious conservatives, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, have decried the policy as calculatedly anti-religious.
I now know a good deal more about that email and how calculatedly dishonest it is.
The book seems calculatedly written to diminish Kennedy's reputation while enhancing Richard Nixon's, and I frequently felt that it pursued that agenda at the expense of important facts.
Yes, the drone was a provocation, but -- no doubt calculatedly -- hardly a war-provoking one; for all their inherent belligerence, even the Israelis wouldn't have the chutzpah to call this single, unarmed violation of their airspace a casus belli, especially since -- as Nasrallah pointed out -- Israeli warplanes have for years been doing just that in Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis.
The experience of each painting is intensified as a result of a subtle asymmetry, which is felt all the more because it is not emphasized in an obvious way--altogether unlike the calculatedly wayward hangs so often executed now.
As a performer, Baron Cohen is more calculatedly offensive than Howard Stern and yet so stupidly "innocent" he manages to be lovable in a way that Stern could never be.
It was this, in fact, that was behind the slogan of, "Down with the USA" with which they crushed thousands of anti-imperialist and left forces in a calculatedly vicious and systematic manner.
Furthermore I am satisfied you did intend to kill her and there is the aggravating feature that having done so in that dark spot in Widnes you then coldly and calculatedly tried to hide the body and to obstruct her friends and family who were desperate with worry as to what had happened to her.
Calculatedly, the administration passed the resolution as the "Quartet for Middle East peace"--the European Union, Russia, the UN and the US--met in Washington.
It is funny in a way that at first can appear just crass and deliberately shocking but is actually calculatedly clever and subtle.
This media-savvy, web-seasoned age of wide-eyed innocents may yet prove wise enough to see through the cynical sales-pitches and calculatedly naive atavisms passed off as "ideals" in the modern world.
These workers, displacing Americans, are among the "legal immigrants," but they are supplemented, of course, by the millions of illegal immigrants coming across a calculatedly porous border or overstaying their initially lawful presence.
How calculatedly unassuming is suggested by the way she manages to avoid the BBC's John Humphries recognising her when he stalks her for a TV programme; her ordinariness is the ultimate disguise.
That followed by development are the two things Nitish has given to the people which Lalu's regime had wilfully and calculatedly taken away.