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Synonyms for calculated

Synonyms for calculated

resulting from deliberation and careful thought

planned, weighed, or estimated in advance

Synonyms for calculated

carefully thought out in advance

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The expense ratios have been calculated as a ratio of 'management and GandA expense' and gross earned premium.
Which is the only chemical element where its atomic number is equal to exactly twice its calculated sum?
The ministry stated that if the establishment was newly founded and hasn't completed the 26-week requirement, the weekly percentages will be calculated from the date of establishment until the time of calculating the nationalization percentages.
When the viscosity is calculated from shear stress and shear rate, the shear thinning profile of the polymeric material can be seen, as shown in figure 5.
Because the CVs of calculated tests differ from the CVs of their components (1), we must calculate the CVs of equations.
But they can yield lovely rewards when they are calculated and well executed.
The equilibrium values of sulfur for each group were calculated from equation 5 for various manganese levels.
(1) are then calculated from a least-squares fit to the data set ([F.sub.j], [R.sub.j]).
Using the calculated volume of a balloon and the rule that 1 liter of helium can lift 1 gram, calculate how many balloons are needed to lift each object.
When an industry index is used, the private company is using the "calculated" value method--an acceptable variation of the fair value method.
However, as a physicist, "you don't really trust something calculated after the result," says Saverio D'Auria of the University of Glasgowin Scotland.
Canine seroprevalence rates were calculated for minor civil divisions, including towns and unorganized townships.
It is possible, at the time of leasing, to make arrangements for a maintenance program, but the full-service lease option is difficult to price up because it must be individually calculated, based on application and hours of usage.
A sample case described below illustrates the range of calculated settlement prices produced by the three methods employed by life settlement providers.