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Synonyms for calculate

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Synonyms for calculate

to ascertain by mathematics

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

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Synonyms for calculate

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Calculate new forces (FORCES), including a call to THIRDLAW, which transfers pair forces back to their home processor and adds them to forces there.
As with mortgages, if you can estimate future cash flows, you can model the timing of those cash flows to calculate their present value," adds Finnerty.
The modeling software calculates the pressure spikes to occur just as sand fills this region, quickly forcing air into the surrounding sand.
Exhibit 2, below, presents an Excel template that calculates the option's fair value.
Knowing the maximum modulus value and the volume of each feeding area, it is simple to apply known rules to calculate the correct size riser for each area.
ESPlanner uses advanced mathematical techniques to calculate the savings and life insurance needed to balance consuming in the present with consuming in the future and to preserve a household's living standard for survivors.
The values of the first four measured currents are needed to calculate the first change in current, correcting for value, slope and curvature, as indicated above.
To determine the return, calculate the amount you expect to save in a normal year as premium avoided, minus expected additional losses, divided by contingent capital impact.
The GDC can calculate average film thickness using product density, line speed, and film width.
To calculate the sales you must generate and the number of units you need to sell for your company to break even, do the following analysis.
As with any trust whose funding is actuarially determined, the trust's earnings and the benefits actually paid to participants and beneficiaries may vary from the assumptions used to calculate deductible contributions.
Excel immediately begins to calculate the first part of the formula (the portion to the left of the underlined section).
Now, a new means to efficiently depict fluid turbulence and to calculate its effects promises to influence many branches of science and technology.
The ultimate uncertainty of these calibrations is determined by the accuracy with which all necessary parameters to calculate the radiation output can be determined.