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capable of being calculated or estimated

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Given the calculable social costs of burning the excess energy, plus the deadweight loss in efficiency, Davis figures "the total economic cost of fuel subsidies is $76 billion annually.
However, if today the tables have been turned on administration, if today it is government, not civil society, that must be rendered calculable and regular, it becomes important to ask what the rule of law might mean now?
CMH dividends are payable to the bank's investors on a quarterly basis and are calculable at 10 per cent per annum.
In addition, the generalized implicature in question is fully calculable and cancellable.
English-first schooling provides a calculable competitive advantage.
Traditionally, authorities in the Muslim world determined the start and end dates for the months of the Hijri calendar by having teams regularly conduct monthly sightings of the new moon, as months in the lunar calendar have 29 or 30 days -- but this is not calculable.
Taken literally, it has broad meaning; thus, Illinois courts have supplied a limiting definition, requiring that a "written instrument" under the Interest Act establish a creditor-debtor relationship, and that the amount owed by the debtor on the instrument be fixed and easily calculable.
Examining the distinct but overlapping modes of thinking by agents, actuaries, and doctors within the industry, he discusses how insurance customers' lives were conceived as: sympathetic lives whose hopes and fears for the future and responsibilities to family and society were anticipated, dramatized, and manipulated by the insurance companies; numerical lives analyzed for their place in the companies' mortality curves; medical lives important for the identification of risk; and commodified lives holding calculable economic values for the insurance companies.
However, the reports adds, "it will be necessary to correct the imbalance in the current negotiations in which the value of what the United States would be expected to give is well-known and easily calculable, whereas the broad flexibilities available to others leaves unclear the value of new opportunities for our workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses.
It should boldly implement measures -- such as investment tax cuts that will spark corporate capital investment -- that will have calculable, tangible effects.
In order to calculate mold filling and solidification, the solid object must be divided into a calculable dement.
They said the "costs of contractor employees constructing options for their personal gain--an outcome increasingly likely based on sheer numbers--would likely never be known, let alone calculable as long as there is no transparency.
Rather, it is a calculable point on a constantly moving polar ice pack and the debate about who first stood on it, and who else might have reached it afterwards, still rages.
Holistic ERM combines the best of proven financial and operational considerations with the calculable risk profile of insurers' underwriting portfolios.