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capable of being calculated or estimated

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Un calculo aproximado cifran en unos quince mil euros el coste del vestuario que Maxima ha lucido en Paris, exceptuando las joyas pertenecientes al joyero real cuyo valor es dificilmente calculable.
The exact adjustments as per the Warrant Agreement, will become calculable on December 2, 2015, the day prior to the ex-dividend date, the company said.
Also, calculable income includes assistance from the Royal Charity Organisation and social assistance under the Social Security Law.
Que el PRI ha demostrado su intacta capacidad de permanencia y ha asegurado su existencia politica en un horizonte temporal tan amplio que hoy no seria predecible ni calculable.
He added that while insurance deals with risks, there are too many factors for conventional systems and climate change further complicates the situation, and that uncertainties need to be converted to calculable risks, which is easier said than done.
For hundreds of years, Lloyd's and other insurers have been diversifying the risks of even one-time events; natural hazards like earthquakes are not one-time events, but occurrences that return with calculable probabilities.
Costlier prescriptions (and proscriptions, like of irresponsible coastal development) run up against the human impulse to ignore small probabilities, even quite calculable ones with clear trends, especially when acute interests conflict with future and more public ones.
There is a calculable commercial advantage to be made and there is a partnership between owner and manager which can benefit and improve the overall quality of the service delivered to the oil company," he said.
Butler responded that subversion isn't something precisely calculable or recognizable--but that subversive copying involves both "miming and displacement.
Observations like these point to a practical and (perhaps) calculable fishing logic related to some solunar events.
The cost of this election to vote for this motley crew is not yet calculable.
Davis, a professor at UC-Berkeley's business school found that 24 countries grant calculable net subsidies for gas, and 35 for diesel.
103) and to render the population calculable, but at the same to express its underlying Oneness?
The product is Varamix and it has reportedly achieved calculable impact in terms of performance and production values.
Plus, productivity losses were incurred in less calculable ways.