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capable of being calculated or estimated

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Concerning the first principle of McDonaldization, that is, calculability, all elements of counseling, including the objectives, procedures, and outcomes, are qualitative.
In view of the above problems, this paper proposed the overlay multicast update strategy Musp based on the perturbation theory, defines the multicast metric matrix according to the node link performance of the overlay multicast tree and the topology structure, defines the multicast fluctuation factor according to matrix perturbation theory, demonstrates the calculability of the multicast fluctuation factor and studies the multicast tree update opportunity and strategy.
Second, calculability is the idea of quantifying in order to remove subjectivity or discretion.
Thus the film asks the viewer to consider the implications that the ethics of sacrifice has for questions of modernity, nation, and politics in relation to discourses of objectivity and calculability.
91) The epistemic community of climate scientists and policymakers lacked a fungible currency for evaluating climate change management, but over time deforestation gained traction as an objectification of the environment because of its amenability to "kind-making, calculability and equivalence.
Reciprocity is, in this case, burdened by several negative notions, such as egoism, self-interest, illusion, fiction, masque, calculability, and corporativism.
The prevalence of the four core dimensions of McDonaldization can be seen across all sectors: Efficiency, Predictability, Calculability and Control--examples of which can be found in Starbucks, NHS, Ikea, Aldi--as well as the UKCP and the BACP.
Simmel ascribes the responsibility for this non-emotional reaction to the economic system through which urban life is organized; concepts like punctuality, exactness and calculability are conducive to the exclusion of irrational, instinctive traits that colored other human life forms.
While the politically inspired Greco-Roman discourse and the religiously motivated Jewish discourse was based on the calculability of the cosmic order and emphasized--although in very different ways--the fidelity to the law, Paul the Apostle proclaims the incalculability of God's entering into the world and announces an unfalsifiable truth.
The efforts of administrators to impose calculability encountered a series of dilemmas.
If, for Weber, bureaucracy constituted large scale organization comprising a hierarchy of offices and lines of control, enabling efficiency, predictability, calculability and technical control, then neoliberalism, while incorporating these factors, goes beyond them to enable an extension of control in more devolved forms and in more flexible systems.
Step by recursive step: Church's analysis of effective calculability, The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 3, 154-180.
This movement has led to the calculability and commodification of what were once considered to be intangible human traits.
The four principles of this process are efficiency, calculability, predictability and control through technology.
251) In the context of the criminal justice system, the fact that the proceedings involve desires to hasten death does not alter the calculability of competence.