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capable of being calculated or estimated

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He argues that this temporal structure can provide a critical perspective on the constitutive problems and essential limits of the global regime of calculability and technological manipulation of entities, information, and capital that constitute the contemporary world.
"While for Schmidt the key strategic tool was the assurance of calculability, for Kohl it was the creation of trust.
To consume goods or services effortlessly and promptly, consumers devote considerable attention to the calculability, efficiency, predictability, and the reliance on nonhuman technology (Ritzer, 2005).
Building on Weber, Ritzer (1996) argues that organisational strategies like bureaucracy have four main components: efficiency, predictability, control, and calculability (E.P.C.C.).
Financial power disrupts calculability because it operates outside the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian formulations of deterrence, introducing new and unique variables.
All this follows from modernity, which makes necessary the rigorous coordination of all activities: "Punctuality, calculability, exactness are forced upon life by complexity and extension of metropolitan existence and are most intimately connected with its money economy and intellectual character" (Simmel 1950: 412-413).
Unfortunately, newness tends to become standardized in the humanities too, although one suspects it normally cannot afford to because standards pertain to the logic of calculability....
According to Ritzer, the four characteristics of the rationalisation process are: calculability, predictability, efficiency and substitution of human technology for non-human technology (mediation by technological instruments).
2 (2014): 268-283; see also Nehal Bhuta, "Governmentalizing Sovereignty: Indexes of State Fragility and the Calculability of Political Order," in Kevin E.
Besides it also demonstrates the calculability of the multicast fluctuation factor presents the steps of the Musp algorithm and calculates the complexity.
Second, calculability is the idea of quantifying in order to remove subjectivity or discretion.
Through the revelatory function of its "splatter filter," the Young Cannibals' blood exposes a variety of collective psychoses that smolder beneath the shiny surface of a consumer world that appears perfectly regulated by the principles of "efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control" (Ritzer 13).
Neoliberalism, too, has to discard affect as an opaque, irrational, and unrepresentable obstacle to its reductive mechanisms of rational calculability" (78).