calcium sulphate

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a white salt (CaSO4)

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She said an inspection was conducted on the warehouses of Baruch Chemical Limited, Max and Bryan Company Limited and Jaji International Services Limited on March 29 and were found to be marketing Plaster of Paris (Calcium Sulphate) without listing certificates.
Therefore, the beneficial effect of the treatments on the growth of the studied species can be explained by the better soil chemical conditions when treated with elemental sulfur or calcium sulphate (Tables 2 and 3).
Forest, "Osteoblast adherence and resorption activity of isolated osteoclasts on calcium sulphate hemihydrate," Biomaterials, vol.
Only in the treatment 1,500 kg/ha of calcium sulphate was observed significant difference in infestations (%) of S.
Among the alloplastic materials available calcium sulphate has a long history of safe use.
AlloMatrix (DBM with calcium sulphate and carboxymethylcellulose) (Wright Medical, Arlington, Tenn) vii.
Scaling on the heat transfer surfaces occurs because of high supersaturation of phosphoric acid liquor with respect to calcium sulphate. A review of the existing literature reveals that no information is available on heat transfer and on crystallization fouling of industrial phosphoric acid solutions.
Kemira, Helsinki, Finland will invest EUR 10 million (US$ 13.3 million) at its Siilinjarvi, Finland mill, expanding the calcium sulphate pigment plant and to make improvements at the connected energy plant.
Finnish chemical industry group Kemira Oyj said on Friday (4 February) that it would be investing EUR10m at Siilinjarvi, Finland, to expand the calcium sulphate pigment plant and to make improvements at the connected energy plant.
Ensure you're keeping your reserves well topped up by eating tofu made using calcium sulphate. Dark green leafy vegetables,like kale,calcium fortified drinks,figs and sesame seeds are other good sources.
Studying the effects of a number of different substances on frankfurters infected with a high level of listeria, the researchers found that acidified calcium sulphate was the only substance of those tested that could kill the bacteria and prevent it from returning.