calcium sulphate

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a white salt (CaSO4)

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The company's strength is in delivering a comprehensive range of innovative high quality calcium sulphate and cement based self levelling floor screeds, compounds & binders, for the manufacture of screed flooring, supported by exceptional technical and customer service.
2] and Calcium sulphate hemihydrate (White gold, Asian Chemicals, Vadodara, India) composite in the ratio (1:1).
Kettle scales consist of needles of calcium sulphate that precipitate out of hard water into regular crystallographic shapes.
The model, which incorporates both velocity and surface temperature effects, was therefore expressed in terms appropriate to crystallization fouling and applied to measurements of the initial calcium sulphate fouling rates.
Ensure you're keeping your reserves well topped up by eating tofu made using calcium sulphate.
Studying the effects of a number of different substances on frankfurters infected with a high level of listeria, the researchers found that acidified calcium sulphate was the only substance of those tested that could kill the bacteria and prevent it from returning.
Offers ATH, calcium sulphate, gypsum, calcium carbonate, and light-weight fillers.
False floor calcium sulphate preparation work: 15 262 m2,
In this investigation, the solubility of different calcium sulphate types in phosphoric acid solution was studied and its dependency on acid concentration and temperature was investigated.
That would help to control pollution of the kinds seen at the Nantygwyddon landfill site where thousands of tonnes of calcium sulphate filter cake produced smelly hydrogen sulphide gas when buried in a former municipal refuse tip.
1 450 mA calcium sulphate heating screed, 320 mA calcium sulfate screed on insulation layer, 150 mA quick-setting cement-heated screed, 35 mA Quick cement heating screed on insulation layer.
He added, "All the facts about Nantygwyddon might have remained hidden had the operators not gone a step further by accepting several thousand tonnes of calcium sulphate filter cake, which led to the complaints about odours.
But working from the results of the survey, the Glenside plots received 375kgs/ha of 20:30:0 and 750kgs/ha of sulphate of potash, along with 250kgs/ha of calcium sulphate.