calcium stearate

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an insoluble calcium salt of stearic acid and palmitic acid

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Although calcium stearate has numerous applications, most of it is used as a lubricant in the plastic and rubber industries during the production of PVC, HDPE, and PP; and as an anti-caking agent in rubber processing.
Material (phr) Epoxidised Natural Rubber (ENR 25) 100 Silica 1165/Carbon Black N234 75 Carbon Black, N234 5 Naphtenic Nytex 840 16 Zinc Oxide 3 Stearic Acid 3 Antioxidant, 6PPD 1 Anti oxidant TMQ 1 Calcium Stearate 2 Sulphur 1.
The following changes to our halobutyl products took place in the last few years: (1) vegetable-base calcium stearate, (2) cocatalyst and (3) bale wrap.
com/research/8qxg87/research_and) has announced the addition of the "Research and Investment Strategy Analysis of China's Calcium Stearate Market, 2011-2016" report to their offering.
Founded in 1981, Chemical Associates is a marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of oleochemicals, including tall oil fatty acids, oleic acids, stearic acids, fractionated acids, fatty alcohols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, coconut fatty acids, castor derivatives, methyl esters, calcium stearate, metallic stearates, and glycerine, many of which are based on renewable and sustainable resources.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Calcium Stearate
Calcium stearate (Tianjin Fuchen Chemical Reagent Factory, China), zinc stearate (Tianjin No.
As a process aid, calcium stearate aids EPDM extrusion smoothness and nitrile release from metal.
Halstab has introduced a barium stearate and a calcium stearate lubricant.
CLEVELAND -- Ferro Corporation's (NYSE:FOE) Organic Specialties Group today announced that it increasing the price in North America for all fused grades of Calcium Stearate and Aqueous Calcium Stearate Dispersions, by $0.
Tenders are invited for PVC and agents, stabilizers Offer 14602 Calcium stearate - 42248 kg Offer 14603 Toss Trhosnovnoy lead sulfate, TU -116 760 kg 2492-004-10269039-05 Lot number 14613 Zinc Stearate, TU 6-09-17-316-96 - 120kg Offer 15518 ERM "ST", "SU"; ESM "Eprol" (epoxidation oil) 0253-061-07510508-2012 TU, TU 0253-010-14331137-2011 - 218 000 kg Offer 15537 Thermolite 890F -80 000 kg Expiration date:03/24/2015 13:00
The FTIR spectra also displayed absorption bands corresponding to the C=O stretching vibration derived from calcium stearate (1794 [cm.
Too little calcium stearate powder, the main ingredient of the antitack liquid additive, and rubber sheets could adhere to each other.
Reported to be especially effective in high-density polyethylene blow film, Synpro Ca/Zn 1550 combines the lower melting viscosity and external lubricity of zinc stearate with the stabilizing and later stage melting contribution of calcium stearate.