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Increasing consumptions of calcium salts, ammonium phosphate, nitrates, and zinc salts among other inorganic salts in the agrochemicals sector can be attributed towards the market growth.
Analyzing the implications and adjusting to prescription frequency, it has been observed that the calcium salts, bronchodilators and diuretics may cause a significant interaction between approximately 40-50% of cases; it is a result that warrants due consideration because of the extensive use of these types of drugs to treat the elderly.
The objective of this research was therefore to (a) evaluate the effect of presoaking in three calcium salts (calcium lactate, calcium chloride, and calcium gluconate) followed by HP treatment to improve the texture, color, and sensory properties of fresh-cut carrots and (b) assess the stability and sensory quality of the treated product after a short-term refrigerated storage at 4[degrees]C.
No deposition of calcium salts was observed in aortic tissues of normal rats at 8 (a) and 16 weeks (b).
Effect of feeding calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids on performance of lactating crossbred cows.
It seems intuitive that calcium salts should overcome the competitive inhibition of the L-type calcium channels.
Among the types of protected lipids are the calcium salts of long chain fatty acids (CSFA), obtained from the reaction of calcium ions with long chain fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated), in which the raw materials can be the soya oil or palm oil, according to the commercial product.
The upper lobe predominance as demonstrated in our case can be explained by the alkaline environment in the upper lobes that promotes the precipitation of calcium salts. (3) Upperlobe alkalinity can be explained by an increased upper lobe ventilation-perfusion ratio (3:1) compared to the lower lung V/Q ratio (0.6:1).
Effect of calcium salts of fish and palm oils on lactational performance of Holstein cows.
Calcium salts (carbonate and acetate) are the first line agents because of their binding capacity and lower cost.
Gallstones (usually composed of bile components, calcium salts, and cholesterol) can obstruct ducts, limiting the amount of bile released.
Mc Most kidney stones are calcium salts and in untreated urinary infections, the stones can grow into a staghorn shape filling the whole of the centre of the kidney.
Calcium salts that enter the structure of the enamel collect and crystallize, gradually dissolving into the organic tooth outline.
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