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Effect of feeding calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids on performance of lactating crossbred cows.
Calcium salts for intravenous use are available as calcium chloride and calcium gluconate.
5) Pathologically, there is deposition of calcium salt in lung interstitium, the alveolar and vessel wall of normal lung.
Effect of feeding calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids, from palm fatty acid distillate or soybean oil, to high producing dairy cows on milk yield and composition, and on selected blood and reproductive parameters.
Calcium salts that enter the structure of the enamel collect and crystallize, gradually dissolving into the organic tooth outline.
A Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or calcium salts within the gallbladder that form from the bile produced by the liver.
There is precipitation of calcium salts in the tumour.
In summer, the urine volume may be low and concentrated with urates, oxalates, and calcium salts.
Previously, the only kind of tofu that was allowed was tofu that had been prepared using only calcium salts.
Specific topics include a freeze-cast nanostructured apatite scaffold obtained from the low temperature biomineralization of reactive calcium phosphates, preparing and characterizing micro-nanostructured anatasefilm, fish scales as a biocomposite of collagen and calcium salts, new titanium alloys potentially used for metal-ceramic application in medicine, the in vitro evaluation of new dental software for shade matching, and the radiographic analysis of bone remodeling around hydroxyapatite coated femoral stems.
Sodium, potassium and calcium salts of benzoic acid can cause hyperactivity in children, allergic reactions.
Other factors which can be contributory are phlebitis at the cannulation site, extravasation of solution in the surrounding tissues, especially calcium salts.
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