calcium light

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a lamp consisting of a flame directed at a cylinder of lime with a lens to concentrate the light


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Where most Balanchine acolytes imitated his pure neoclassic style, Calcium Light Night was in Balanchine's less accepted abstract-expressionist manner.
Poulenc has been applauded as Martin's breakthrough, his best piece since his very first, Calcium Light Night, of 1977; but seen together on the same program, the two works don't compare so well.
Aguirre enjoyed taking spectroheliograms in hydrogen and calcium light at Manila Observatory in the Philippines.
Last spring Liang set a record for versatility when he became the first company member ever to dance three such disparate roles as Phlegmatic in The Four Temperaments, Oberon in Dream, and the demanding man's part in Martins's Calcium Light Night, made on Daniel Duell (a completely different body type).
As with hydrogen-alpha light, most of this calcium light originates in the Sun's chromosphere, the 2,000-kilometer-thick layer of solar atmosphere above the photosphere that we see in white light.