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0]: Initial concentration of calcium ion and Ca: concentration of calcium ion measured.
The extent of influence of different metal ions on maximum fluorescence intensity of the toxin in the descending order was: lead ion, calcium ion, sodium ion.
Each has three different subsets of receptors with different sensitivity to activation by the calcium ion.
while the pretreated biomass samples had a significant alteration only in the calcium ion concentration.
The gene facilitates the passage of calcium ions into the plasma membrane.
In performing the calcium ion release and the pH tests, 1 mL of the tested cements (n = 5) were inserted into polyethylene tubes (10 mm long x 2 mm in diameter), using a plastic syringe.
People playing the blood are each given a calcium ion and count off by 3's, remembering their numbers.
It is well studied in small intestine and kidney that the maintenance of cellular calcium ion balance is controlled by three steps of the transcellular calcium transport system, including several calcium regulatory molecules (Hoenderop et al.
Several researches have reported a fall in plasma calcium ion levels following alcohol consumption (Taichanpeng, et al.
During seizures increased intracellular calcium ion concentration and but extra cellular calcium concentration decreases [5,14].
Topics include specialized neurotransmitter transporters in astrocytes, regulation of potassium by glial cells in the central nervous system, calcium ion signaling in astrocytes, the tripartite synapse, molecular approaches for studying astrocytes, mechanisms of transmitter release from astrocytes, and the role of astrocytes in epilepsy.
This is the active form that increases absorption of renal calcium ion, intestinal calcium ion, and phosphate ion.
In hard water containing bicarbonate ion and calcium ion two secondary reactions occur at the cathode:
In the in vitro component of the study, carvacrol was shown to inhibit myocardial calcium ion channels, and this activity was deemed to be cardio selective.
For instance, among the most popular biosensors for calcium ion detection is Cameleon, which fuses a pair of proteins, one cyan and one yellow, to a linking peptide that is responsive to calcium ions.