calcium hypochlorite

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any hypochlorite of calcium

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A non-military source had given the calcium hypochlorite to the ship's engineers during the Prince William Sound clean-up effort.
Most commercial pools are sanitized by bleach, calcium hypochlorite and trichlor.
After cooling, they were immersed in a solution of 150 g of calcium hypochlorite dissolved in 10 liters of water at 60[degrees]C for 40 minutes.
Under a two-year pilot study of the use of calcium hypochlorite as an alternative disinfection treatment method, in which the district worked closely with the Nassau County Department of Health, dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes were used in a new "spray technology" feed system at two of the district's well sites.
The samples were soaked for 12 hour increments (0, 12, 24,36,48, and 128 hours) in simulated pool water prepared using calcium hypochlorite, tap water, cyanuric acid, and baking soda.
Bioguard[R] has expanded its line of professional pool care products with the addition of the Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets to the ProGuard[TM] product line.
Many sprout farmers currently use calcium hypochlorite to eliminate bacteria from seeds, but organic farmers - who constitute about half the growers - resist this method, so Slade is researching alternative methods of treating seeds, such as thermal processing, electron-beam treatment, and disinfection with hydrogen peroxide or calcinated chloride.
Calcium hypochlorite (CAS 7778-54-3) Market Research Report 2012 presents comprehensive data on calcium hypochlorite markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of stores to Calcium Hypochlorite 65% to 70% chlorine content (Calcium based granular disinfectant for water treatment much more stronger than chlorine gas, stronger than bleaching powder & sodium hypochlorite) packed in 45 Kg
Get three pails and fill one with warm, soapy water, one with clear water, and one with water mixed with calcium hypochlorite, NSN 6810-00-238-8115.
Igarassu, Brazil-based Nordesclor produces calcium hypochlorite under the HTH brand.
There remains a big problem with calcium hypochlorite (HTH).
formerly Mathieson) begins making calcium hypochlorite for pool disinfection.
Initially, this entailed a department employee climbing the tower carrying a bucket and manually pouring calcium hypochlorite into the tank.