calcium hydroxide

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a caustic substance produced by heating limestone

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Meanwhile, the precipitation process using 4 different types of co-precipitator (calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium caseinate and kieselguhr) coupled with the main precipitator was done to induce flocculation of the bio-active compounds especially rotenone in the liquid crude extract of Derris roots.
In the first step of our study on the antimicrobial effects of different pulp-capping materials, we confirmed that calcium hydroxide has an antibacterial activity, as reported in previous studies [44].
where [m.sub.CH] (i) is the mass of calcium hydroxide in a unit volume of hydrating cement-nanosilica blends and can be obtained from (6).
The maximum value of loss is below 50% in submerged mixtures indicating that the use of calcium hydroxide as filler does not reduce the mixture's adhesiveness.
Calcium hydroxide has been used for many years in dentistry.
Innovoh / Innovox OH calcium hydroxide bags become blue, whether in sachets or loose powder and the Masterox range of calcium oxides for plastic applications will be orange.
long-term calcium hydroxide treatment of established inflammatory root resorption in replanted dog teeth.
Freshly mixed calcium hydroxide paste was prepared and delivered to the canal with a lentulo spiral (approximately 1 mm short of the working length).
A mixture of calcium hydroxide powder and chlorhexidine was used as an intracanal medicament, and the patient was recalled after 1 week.
Different materials have been tried for Apexification procedure, the most common are calcium hydroxide and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA).
New materials have appeared to replace calcium hydroxide such as the calcium silicate-based materials i.e.
Calcium hydroxide (CH), as an intracanal medicament, is frequently used in endodontics for various clinical conditions due to its biocompatibility, antibacterial capacity and ability to promote hard tissue formation, inhibition of osteoclastic activity, organic tissue dissolution, inflammation control and regenerative properties (1,2).
Thin slices of the nut, either natural or processed, are be mixed with a variety of substances including slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and spices such as cardamom, coconut and saffron.Most significantly, they are mixed with tobacco products or wrapped in the leaf of the piper betel plant (paan).